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Ah, see the Idea of using iodine isn’t to color the scar. I’ve read that darker skin reacts better with lasers than lighter skin, so someone to registering darken the skin would help

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Oh, misunderstood you. May be it makes sense, but depends on laser wavelength. And as a result it can make the stronger damage and more visible scar. As well as too much damage, healing with blisters and uneven result, so it can work not as it should be. So anyway scarring is a roulette :sweat_smile:
Scalpels scars are more visible than thermal scars.

Long time I haven’t been on the forum

Got a new tattoo, with a cyborg inspiration.

Did not really mean to get yet a new one, but went to a tattoo convention, the flash was ready and the tattoo artist avaliable :sweat_smile:

And my Steel Brotherhood tattoo that is 1 year old is now so relevant, with all the craze about Fallout (great serie).


I love that tattoo, looks useful! I’m assuming that it’s in cm.

And I just realized that I originally posted this in the wrong thread. :man_facepalming:t2:


Yeah it’s in 5mm increments



I would like to add a cross of 4cms in length as a subdermal implant, in the middle of my right hand, where the “X” is

The procedure will be done with no anesthesia or numbing

What about pain? How much should i expect when getting it done, and how bad is day 1 and subsequent days? Is the incision the most painful part, or the lifting of the skin?

What about the flow of the tattoo? Do you think a cross at the X is a good idea to raise the tattoo on the skin?

What about practical things? Like, when will i be able to drive a manual car with my hand in this state? How about doing normal chores?

Thank you!

I already sent you a dm, but for those who might as well be interested, I think I’m gonna put a short version of that here as well :wink:

Without anaesthesia, this will be pretty… intense. The cut itself will be painful, but I’d say the lifting of the skin will be worst. I know few people who got an implant without any kind of numbing, and I really would avoid it - your body will react to the pain, even if you think you can take it, and you might feel dizzy, nauseous or even pass out. So if there is any possibility to get anaesthesia for this one - do it! :wink:
I am totally against numbing for bodymods in general, and I think pain is part of the process, but for implants I make one big exception :smile:

The placement itself is a cool idea, I think, it might just be tricky to get the perfect implant that has the right size and all, and to keep it from shifting slightly during the healing time. Might need some tape or splinters…

And for the healing, I guess you should be fine after a few days - I was able to do normal chores and drive a car one or two days after the implant was placed.
That being said, it’s a good idea to give yourself as much rest as possible afterwards - it is possible to do chores and work shortly afterwards, but it might delay healing or lead to fluid buildup, so just take good care of yourself :slight_smile:


Oh… and I had a very intense new experience a month ago, maybe some of you are interested in such things… for me, it’s connected to bodymods, so this might be the right place to share it :slight_smile:

I had my first body suspension. I didn’t expect it to be so intense and so different from all other bodymods, it was definitely something that’s really hard to describe…

This is me still on the ground, getting accustomed to the hooks:

And that’s me, swimming in the air :heart_eyes:

I’m always sooo lucky about the people I “find” for my bodymod journey - I was at Santa Sangre Body Rituals in Berlin, and met two very special wonderful people who gave this event the perfect frame and who totally understood what it all meant for me. Just amazing :slight_smile:


in Re: your scarification, that healed up so good, the detail is great from what i saw of your chest piece. was the process any different (lemon sugar rub etc).

Re: suspension. I am sure you have a good support system in suspension and great resources. If you want more i have a friend that has been doing suspensions for ages now. she’s super friendy with an… interesting? background. US Based of course but if you want resources she’s great.


Not at all… skin just heals differently on different spots of my body :woman_shrugging:
And I think it was easier to make the cuts more even, compared to the chest. But some lines blurred a bit on my arm as well :wink:

The US have several really cool suspension people! Sadly, that’s too far to travel for me (currently, at least), that’s why I was so happy to find someone just a 3-4 hour train ride away - makes things easier :smile:
But I’d surely like to know who she is - always love to look at suspensions :slight_smile:


On the topic of suspension, ran across this years ago. Impressive the strength of skin.


Ah yes, the crazy Russian… :wink:
Saw his work several years ago, he kinda started with suspension bungee jumping :smile:


The idea of a parachute attached with suspension hooks sounds way more painful than a more controlled process in which you’re slowly being lifted off the floor and can ask to get lowered at any time.

I think so, yes…
And even worse when doing a bungee jump, I guess :smile:

But there is one strange difference - after jumping, the pain just “happens”. For me, the hardest part of the suspension was to decide for myself when I feel ready enough to lift my feet of the ground… they explained it to me: When you get bodymods done or do a rope suspension or anything, you have to give away control, but at the same time you give it to someone you trust (ideally). For a suspension, you have to put the same amount of trust in yourself - trusting your body to take it, your mind, everything. This was surprisingly hard - I knew the hooks and the skin would carry me, but still, it was really strange to decide for myself “okay, this is happening now, it’s gonna hurt and I decide that I do it in this exact moment”.

It’s extremely hard to describe, but in some ways, this was one of the most difficult moments in all of my bodymods.


I remember decades ago when I was a kid and saw some hook suspension segment on Ripleys Believe it or Not (gawd, I’m old). The amount of trust the people had in their bodies and equipment, and in the people assisting them (kinda difficult to hook yourself up).

Always had a weird/creepy fascination with body mods since then.

Kudos to you, for doing what you enjoy/want to do.


Yeah watching a hook suspension live at the Seattle tattoo expo was pretty intense.


You will be amazed how far you can push the boundaries. Human body is one hell of an amazing piece of bio engineering.

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Awesome :o I was planning to a hook suspension in April/May, but the weather didn’t agree. I’m hoping to get something scheduled in the next month~

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