More lab ideas I'm workin through

Wow. Good job there discourse.

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Does one need an Instagram account to access this, or is this public?

I can’t see it either. To me its a self-referential link, just takes me back to this post.


Same response here.

I believe this is a flexFD (fingernail in polymer?).

EDIT: With glowpowder
Screenshot_2020-08-09 Dangerous Things ( dangerousthings) posted on Instagram • Aug 9, 2020 at 5 08am UTC(1)


I doubt it was on purpose, but have you ever seen one of those cards that has “To find out how to keep an Idiot busy for hours, turn this card over.” printed on both sides? :joy:

All you need is juicy bait and link that loops over and over.


Not sure why you removed your post, it was actually useful and informative. But okay…

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I’m not sure either, I just overlooked the glow in the dark thing, I think an edit would have been the way to go haha.
Good there’s an undelete feature :slight_smile:


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I don’t Instagram so well… I click the menu and share and copy link and post here and it no workie. Whatever Instagram… you suck.


What I’m thinking about - the glow powder looks quite powerful, do you know how well it will work under the skin? Skin absorbs a freakin lot of glow-in-the-dark-stuff…^^

True but elsewhere on the forum I did a side to side comparison between the glow powder and xGLO tritium vial and the powder out performed the tritium for quite a while… on phone so I can’t find easily right now…

Found it…


Any luck with any trials?

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Amal, speaking of lab ideas, I understand you offer making a custom implant out of something as a service - i.e. encasing it in your magic putty. Usually a chip and antenna that’s been acetoned out of a credit card, but could be anything. Correct?

Could you give some guidelines for what would be a good candidate device, such as maximum width/length/thickness, hardness/flexibility, usable materials…? I have a few simple ideas involving off-the-shelf electronic components, but if you can’t encase them or you don’t think it’s safe, there’s no point in making a prototype.


I’d take the pegleg as the current upper boundary on size. That’s one of the largest currently. And I’m referring to 1.0 the full size router one that Lepht got.

I was more thinking in terms of a serious, safe, long-term implant, rather than a stunt.

How well do you anticipate the glow powder would charge with UV light through the skin?

I’ve got an idea that involves 2 colours of glow (either glow powder or just a UV fluorescent powder even if it doesn’t glow once out of UV)

Basically similar to Haworth’s glow implants, but low profile so it’s not visible outside of UV light, possibly encapsulated with a flexMT or something of the like