Most desired cyber enhancements

Saw this image on FB.
Not sure when and where the question was asked, but here are the answers:

Nice to have already 2 of these in my body! :robot:
Or 3 if I count the LED of my xSIID.

I’d love an upgraded digestive system as mine is quite … temperamental! :stuck_out_tongue:

For BCI, we’re still far from a working one, altough there is some progress :brain: :electric_plug: .

I love the idea of cybernetic and nanoparticle tattoos.


Try Taco Bell…it usually does the trick for most people.


I have:
UV ink tattoo

Not available where I live!

Have you ever seen the Rick and Morty Green Screen Tattoo?

It annoys me a bit that they write about “UV-tattoos that can glow in the dark”… they don’t. They need UV light, obviously^^

Other than that, pretty cool stuff :wink:
Let’s see… I can open my door with a chip, I have at least some glowy stuff underneath my skin, plus the xSIID. And anything that makes me glow more (without possibly killing me) would sound nice :wink:


Oh man, I would love for the enhanced bionic eyes.

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