Motorbike ignition

Thanks for all of your help guys! I did it! Its alive!!! Just got to make a new headlight shroud to mount the antenna too . I also added a usb port running off separate power source. So happy with it


Congrats, well done.

We eagerly await your photos / videos and write-up :wink:

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Good job! I just placed my order for my first 2 implants (xEM and xNT) and and a couple xACs to install on my DRZ and my garage door!

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I know the combo is cheaper, but if you can stretch to it, personally I would go for NExT.
Here’s why,

  • The NExT has free postage (North America)
  • The NExT only takes up one position, so if you are planning to get more implants in the future you are not taking up valuable real estate.
  • Depending on who is doing the install, you will only pay for the one installation.

Anyway, just some food for thought

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I’ll probably get one in the future. I’m for sure getting my install done for the xEM in L0, eventually I will get the xNT in the knife edge. My work uses multiclass readers and I’ve heard of the issues of reading one tag and then not reading any additional. I’ll probably end up with a NeXT in R0

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I can only speak from my own experience, but for me this was not insurmountable, when I figured out how to present, my hit rate was probably in the vicinity 95%, even then, I just had to wait about 2 seconds to try again.