MRI Imaging center requesting "implant cards"

Does anyone have any suggestions for convincing an imaging place to conduct my MRI? I sent them Amal’s MRI Compatibility PDF and they said that they need “implant cards” in order to make an appointment for me; something that shows my name on it. I had my EM4102 and NTAG216 implanted by a piercing professional, not a doctor or veterinarian.
I’m in the Bay Area and it sounds like most MRI machines in the area only go up to 4 Tesla, so it should be fine. Anyone else have any trouble?

This seems overzealous since such cards are not supplied with all medical implants. I can call them to discuss the testing performed by for our x-series implants if necessary, just let me know who to call at what number (DM that info of course).


Thanks, Amal! I’m going to see if a nearby imagine location would be willing to do an open machine MRI. I need imaging of my lumbar, so I’m not sure if that’s something they can do or not. I’d really hate to go through finding someone willing to remove any after 15 years :unamused: