"Implant Card" for MRI

G’day. I have run into an issue with my upcoming MRI scan and chip safety, the MRI Safety document DT provides (plus info from DSRuptive about BeUno and XSIID and my own doc summarising chip types and providing a location diagram) is not sufficient for the hospital to greenlight the scan.

I need to provide an ‘implant card’ in my name for each chip that references the MRI strengths it has been tested “safe” at, on DT letterhead. I saw a similar post from a couple of years ago (see here)and @amal said he could call the hospital but my guys need an actual document.

I have found a listing for the Spark 2 on MRISafety.com but not for any other chips, so I’m concerned the info they need might not actually exist.

@amal have you provided this sort of documentation to other folks since April '22? If not, would it be possible for you to create them?

I have:

  • NeXT
  • Apex Flex
  • BeUno (will be talking to DSRuptive directly but thought it worth including here)

I really regret having said anything…


ehh yeah we don’t have anything for products other than the Spark 2 outside of the dngr.us/mri documentation.

Could it not be a simple “Replace Spark2” with generic “xSeries” implant

The materials, size, weight, Shape are almost identical in all xSeries.

it’s identical basically… just a different silicon chip inside… but confirm first with your mri tech if the spark2 documentation is sufficient before we talk about creating further documentation.