MRI support needed!

So as I type this, I’m sitting in a hospital bed. I have a xLED implanted in my left hand. I’m having some liver issues which is why i’m hospitalized, and they want to do an MRI to get some better imaging. The radiologists are extremely hesitant to do the MRI without removing my xLED. I had to self implant my xLED and I love it so much that if it had to be removed i’d be really bummed out. I’ve already told Amal about this and I even sent the MRI PDF to the radiologists and they’re still not convinced that it’s safe. If any of you have stories or advice or anything on how to better convince the radiologists to let me leave the xLED in it’d be super appreciated! (If it helps for whatever reason, i’m in California)


Forgot to mention, the main thing that they don’t like in PDF about the MRI’s is the fact that it had only been tested in veterinary MRI’s, and not human ones. God I just really hope I don’t have to get my xLED removed, I just love it so much and it’s in the perfect orientation.

Unfortunately, especially in the US, unless the data comes from the FDA, I highly doubt they will listen to anything you or anyone else has to say. They want to make sure they cover their ass… even if you got 100 people that got MRIs with implants to state it’s safe, they have no incentive to accept that as a risk they are willing to take.

Cut yourself, put a band aid over it and tell them you removed it. lol.


When it comes down to it, its their expensive machine that’s worth a small fortune. If they don’t want to take the risk even after showing them Amal’s paperwork, I’d doubt you’ll be able to convince them.

Maybe you can convince them to use another scan type, but end of the day your medical care is more important. If it has to come out, it has to come out.

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honestly would try that haha, though i’m inpatient in the hospital and don’t really have access to that stuff. just honestly hoping for a miracle to let me keep it in

I agree, and certainly my health the last two months has been not the greatest (in and out of hospital though this is the first time they want to do an MRI to diagnose something). Obviously my overall health would take priority over something I could implant again, but it really just would suck loosing something that means a lot to me :frowning:

They should be able to run a “wand” over you to see if it will react.

I would ask for a doctors opinion. Or have a bandaid over the “mark from removal”

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Although I wouldn’t recommend this, this seems to be the only way to keep the xLED.


That wouldn’t be my suggestion if it was the xG3 or Titan for what it is worth.


Yeah, I am still kinda scared of having MRI with my xG3. No idea how that would be

After I get the Titan installed in my fingers, I plan to wrap the hell out of them with Tape if I ever have to get an MRI. I would ask if I can do a CT instead.

At least with the Titan being titanium, I could remove it prior, and install it again after I have it cleaned. (or it would become an expensive fridge magnet.)

I think your best avenue is to share information about the VeriChip, which is a very similar device that was approved by the FDA for humans in 2004. Here is a white paper exploring the MRI compatibility of the VeriChip:


I did some digging at work. I work for a hospital. In their SOP, they have,

" The variable nature of metallic items presents the possibility of heating and attractive forces becoming a concern during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

  1. Remove item if possible and proceed with the patient safety screening process and scanning the patient.

  2. If removal is not possible or if the patient refuses to remove the item:

  3. Discuss the potential risks with the patient before proceeding.

  4. If the patient is not alert and cooperative, consult with the Radiologist on how to proceed.

  5. Test for attractive force using the hand magnet. If the item is attracted to the magnet, the risk of tissue damage must be discussed with the patient and the Radiologist must approve before continuing with the exam "

I think wherever you are, has rules like this. I would ask to consult with the Radiologist, and not the techs who are there to actually scan you.


Yeah, the techs/radiologist is consulting with the board of radiology for the hospital? or something to proceed. they claim they’re doing their own research to find out if it’s safe, but i’m not too sure how far they’ll get

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I’ll definitely bring that up to them! Thank you!

Not sure where you are located for medical care, but the techs shouldn’t be the ones to make the decision, it should be the doctor. Personally, I would just ask to have a consult with the radiologist, to cut the middleman out.

God i’d want to do that but they’d definitely check my hand to know if it was actually removed or not

The doctor claims that it’s radiology’s decision to make… ive tried reasoning with the main doctor assigned to my case and they definitely hear me out, but i’m not too sure if radiology is going to get the memo

I’m at UCSF in California- super high tech hospital and everything so i think they’re more worried about their MRI machine if anything

No doubt! I can’t say I would blame them.

If they are giving you issues, ask them what the procedure is like for people who have shrapnel in them? Ask for it to be treated like that. They should have a hand wand to test you with. Even more so if they are high tech.