Multiple implants on same hand, how hard is it to isolate one for a read?

Hey guys. I’ve decided to make a small change to my plans and am wondering if a new implant location will drive me nuts.

I’ve put an image below. Basically, I have the xM1 in R0 and a NExT at R3. I want to squeeze one more HF onto the back of the same hand, but don’t want to struggle with getting the intended chip to read. Right now I’m thinking it’ll go in at R1.

With the NExT pretty far back toward the wrist and the xM1 also pretty far back, I’m hoping that if the new chip (xSLX) sits toward the finger side of my hand it will be easy to isolate the chip I’m trying to scan.

Will this work? I don’t want to keep accidentally scanning the wrong chip… While I have plans for my other hand, if I have to I’ll just stick the new chip over there. (I know guys have crammed a helluva lot more onto a hand, but I don’t think we’ve ever discussed the readability…)


I have no issues with mine. I have never accidently scanned the wrong one.

Not sure if that helps you.


Definitely helps. I figured it wouldn’t be an issue, at least with a little practice, but figured it’s better to ask than learn the hard way. Glad you don’t have any regrets!

I love the two I already have, and ordered the new one last night… Unless someone else jumps in to say it’ll be endless headaches I’m going to go ahead with it on the right hand asap.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! I love lurking around here. You guys are awesome.

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Crazy how your implants stick out. The only one that comes close to being as visible as your NeXT - let alone your Spark2 - is my oversized non-DT EM4305, and only if I tuck in my thumb. The non-DT M1k and the xEM in my other hand are all but invisible, unless I “make a special hand” and pull the thenar muscle as taught as possible. And even then you have to know what to look for to see them.

You must have a very thin skin.

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Wtf you saying about me??? (Kidding)

No but seriously, I was make a fist in just the right way. But yeah, they do pop pretty good. Easy af to scan that way.

It is sitting on a bone. I have been considering ordering the cyborg kit to take the NExT out and just use those. This is when I learned about having the skin twisted on insertion is bad. Live and learn. I have smacked it twice, no real pain difference.

My main concern is since it doesn’t move, if something hits it just right, my skin there will bust open. I have tried pushing it around, but the thought of feeling it tear through, makes me cringe. I would rather just re do it.

I tried pushing it places with tape andtoothpicks, but that eventually gave me a sort of pressure sore, so I stopped. Idk what to do with it really.

Plus the lf side, 125 , I know is jacked (thanks lil blue cloner) and I am still sitting on a pm3 easy that I cannot figure out. So there would be no real loss besides 50 bucks and me making a video of what I feel is a good at home removal.

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