Multiple Magnets

I wasn’t originally interested in getting any of the magnetic implants, but the more I read about people sending magnetic fields the more intrigued I am.

So at this point, my question is about how having multiple Titan implants on the same hand would affect sensing capabilities. Would it just be counter productive and stick my fingers together?

I’d personally not have them in multiple fingers of the same hand, or at least make sure they’re not on adjacent fingers and that they be installed on opposite sides of fingertips to prevent them being attracted to one another in my sleep and causing crushed tissue and rejection. If it’s purely for sensing, I think one magnet per hand would be more than enough to test the boundaries of any magnetic field. Additional fingers in one hand seems excessive. Plus, if you haven’t read it elsewhere here yet, sensing slowly fades over time as the scar tissue builds up and the nerves don’t directly abut the magnet anymore. Some people go into magnetic sensing planning on having their titan(s) reinstalled on different fingers down the line to account for this. Doing multiple fingers all at once could potentially cut down on long term planning in this regard.

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That makes sense. I hadn’t seen that sensing slowly fades over time, so that’s also helpful information.
So if having one Titan implant gives you the same sensing capabilities as five, that’s four fewer incisions into my fingertips. XD

And (Titan Cost x Four) in your wallet haha

Also true… That’s an extra $1200, huh? Oh, the possibilities…

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@Azflyer has an eBook you may be interested in


Speaking from personnal experience with 3 of then: Having multiple will give you a clearer sense of the shape of the field the same way you use multiple fingers to run them over an object when touching. More spacial awareness if you will.
Imagine for a second being blind and touching a statue with one fingertip vs multiple. In both cases you feel it perfectly fine but in the second case you get a better idea of what it is.
As for amplitude and frequency detection I haven’t noticed any significant difference.

No negatives afaik.
They will not stick to each other if they are on the finger pad or on sides of the fingers that do not face each other (I have mine on the right sides of the fingers). The distance is too big to even feel the attraction.

Speaking of witch, I lowered the price to a symbolic 1 euro so that everyone can have access to it :mechanical_arm: #openscience

I don’t think I’ve ever posted this here, here is a video froom my lab reserch on them, I feel like it’s relevant in showing the tech opportinities of fingertip magnets and gives you a visualization of what I’m saying:

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In my defense, I’m an x-ray tech and I could potentially be in the vicinity of the MRI machines.

Though since I’ve been thinking about getting some, I can justify it by saying I mostly work in the Cardiac Cath Lab and that has nothing to do with MRI.

I will definitely have to check out that ebook, thanks for the recommendation!

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As long as you’re not in the same room while it’s on you’re fine :wink: If you absolutely have to take one they have metalic shields they use for medical implants. I guess you know about those if you work there.

Not to be pedantic, but the magnetic field around an MRI machine is always on. They usually mark the 5 Gauss Line, though.

And you’re right, I’ll be fine unless I actually need an MRI myself.

Haha true, I think you’ll be fine with 5 gauss though :joy:

Now I’m just curious about what the field around the MRI feels like… XD