My color changing xSIID experience

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a follow-up to my previous support issue in case this ever happens to anyone else.

As some of you may recall I thought I was given the wrong color xSIID implant on accident. I had ordered a green one but after the install the light appeared totally colorless. So I assumed the applicator was loaded with the amber color chip on accident.

For over 4 days no color appeared from the chip it was just a white yellowish dim light. You can see a part in the video I made below how it looked up till day 4.

I was incredibly bummed out because I really wanted the green chip. Even Amal determined there could have been a mix up with the colors. I had seen pictures of others who had the green light show same day of their install so I for sure thought it was the wrong one.

To my absolute and delightful surprise on day 5 the light literally turned green. I was extatic and couldn’t believe this had happened.

So in case this happens to anyone else don’t panic before you give it at least 5 days of healing. Now I couldn’t be happier with the experience!


I actually love to say i told you so in this case! Must have been blood!

Great news.


For sure, I just got so discouraged because it was 4 days out and I still didn’t see green when others were seeing it same day, I was so relieved.


Anybody not familiar with this topic, here is the backstory



and thanks for the update :+1:


Now I’m thinking about prismatic implants!