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Newbie with this NFC Bracelet. What can I do with this thing? I wanted to learn how this tech worked before I run and go get a implant. I’m completely lost lol


Hey @Scroogemcduck first off you’re probably going to want to use your phone to interact with it. A good type of “record” to write to the chip in the wristband is a website. Download the app NFC Tools

Go to the “Write” tab and click on “Add a record”. Click on “URL/URI” as the record type and enter a web address. Go through the prompts and tap the phone to your wristband for a few seconds and you should be good to go. Then any time you want to open that website just tap your phone to the band from the home screen. It should open automatically

You could load a popl or similar contact sharing ndef link onto it

@Eriequiet @Satur9 Hey thanks for your help I just downloaded and got a web link to work pretty cool! I think that’s all the excitement I needed I’m ready to become a cyborg lol. Is there a way to link payments to this Nfc band

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Not this one. As you can imagine all the chips are different. The one in the band is relatively simple. The chips in credit cards and payment wearables are more advanced, and more importantly have special keys loaded on at the factory by the credit card companies. You should do some research and see if your bank or others nearby have payment wearables, then let us know and we can see about getting it converted into an implant.


@Satur9 i definitely will.

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What country do you live in?

I’m currently doing a payment conversion like what satur9 mentioned above

United States :us: @Eriequiet

@Eriequiet i keep seeing the thread for purewrist conversation which is amazing.

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Do it! Just make sure you don’t have reloading issues with it and your bank.

Good because what I was going to say is

If you’re currently playing with wearables, you could get a pure wrist and make a more multifunction wearable

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Will the purewrist expire after 3-4 years like a normal card? Just a curious question, I’m not huge on payment ability and they lost me with the fees.

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Yes, ~3 years, likely a little less depending on when you get your card, plus conversion time.

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Of course.

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This unfortunately

I had to replace my original card, which was originally only like 34 months instead of 36

The replacement was only 30 so that sucks, but I’m still hoping that apex payment is approved before I need a replacement

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tenor (75)

@Eriequiet so you have purewrist? and what chip did you convert? Can the chip also do other things aside from payments or would you need a whole other chip on top of your current. For example opening doors or starting car ?

As you asked him directly, I will let him answer, in the mean time, this will be worth a read

@Pilgrimsmaster Thanks great information as I’m still new to all of this.

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Yep I just got my purewrist back, it will be implanted Thursday

In a nut shell because @Pilgrimsmaster linked a great thread

As far as what chip, the purewrist that’s literally the chip… the conversion is essentially just changing its form factor so it can be implanted

The chips are complex and encrypted… so it’s nit possible to “copy” it, you just cut it out of a donor


That black chunk in the middle is the chip

And now it’s here

As far as “can you use it for other things?”
Maybe kinda? But for the most part no

All chips have a serial number, and many lower security systems simply check this serial number against its list to see if it likes you

13.56 chips are often locked and can’t be changed, but if you have/build a system where you are able to add new numbers to the “list” then you could use it like that

But you can’t do anything technical with it, as its fixed liked I said

If that makes sense