My first implant - The NeXT

Guess I’m a member of the club now


Welcome to the Club.

Thank you, already got three other implants on order

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What have you gone for?

The Implantable field detector LEDs and one of the magnets

xLED HF and LF plus xG3.

so the “party trick pack”

Maybe a new bundle for DT!

A 3 piece party pack!


I’m surprised it isnt already

I do survival videos - so a couple of magnets, so I can magnetise needles and make compasses, that definitely appeals to me

Oh and showing off, may also be a factor too


day one of healing

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Looks great!

Do you have a YouTube channel?


My apologies I tend to ask before I look

All Good, that’s how we learn :wink:

Next time you will know WHERE to look!


I wish I had your positive mentality and outlook, thanks for always being so helpful:)


You do; look how easy it was for you to compliment… MOST people find that hard to do, but have no problem complaining, so you are already ahead of the game :+1:


Will be very keen to hear / see your results., let us know if you upload a video of it.

Will do, I know my applications are a bit odd - just need a flashlight in my palm or something now.

I’ve also emailed about the maker of the ‘North Sense’ implant.

Its externally mounted and vibrates when the wearer is facing north… Which would cut out the middle man of making compasses, “if” I could get my hands on one (even if just for testing)

The North sense is mounted using dermal anchors. They’re not very sturdy and don’t last forever because it’s basically an open wound. I can’t imagine that holding up very well in a physically active, outdoor scenario.

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It doesn’t look like a nice implantation at all, sure it could double as a nice functional necklace, without having to plant something between my breasts