My NExT implant dont work with RFiD as usual

Hello dear support!
I have had an implant for 1 year and it works fine
But now it doesn’t work in my building
Could it be related to my friends touching my implant through the skin?
By the way, NFC works as expected.

hmm… how did you set it up to work with your building? did you clone a badge or fob to it, or did you have them add your chip ID to the system?

if cloned, how did you clone it?

When you say it doesn’t work in your building, do you mean that the reader reacts but won’t let you in (red LED or “denied” sound) or the reader stays silent?

More questions for you

Does your original card / fob still work?
or have they given you a new one?
Could they have changed your access?
Is anybody else in your building having access issues?


Maybe they caused some sub surface swelling so your not getting a good read?

I’d be surprised if they were able to break the glass with their fingers

Also could controller was updated or something

I cloned an existing key using a cloner, everything worked for about 7 months, at some point the reader stopped responding (stay silent)
The key-card I cloned with works fine
The reader has not been updated (I support it.).
My friends’ touches to the implant were not strong and there were no swellings.
The NFC part is read normally from the phone.

Which cloner?
Can you try again?

Do you have access to a proxmark3? I’d like to get a read of the memory to see if the memory content has changed for some reason… or of course to see that it’s even still functional. There’s a chance it simply failed.

Unfortunately, there is no access, I don’t even know what it is, I think I need some time to study this issue.
When I have the necessary knowledge, I will return to you with a finished result.

Which cloner did you use the first time?
Can you try again?

Not now, do you think RFID part was cleared?

That would be strange, but since you said your copied card is still working
you said there have been no changes to your access system
It did work, now it is not working…Maybe!?. :man_shrugging:

I really don’t know what has happened.
Somebody else may have some more ideas for you

I would like you to try and try to clone it again if / when you can
It is really hard to know what is happening via messages and a lack of diagnostic tools

Even putting a blue cloner up to it and trying to copy would at least let us know if it’s dead or not, would be more help rn XD

Ok, I buy blue cloner and try to clone my card again

What cloner did you use the first time?

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my thought exactly.

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I Dont remember, I was copied in service center

Hi! Now I have access to proxmark3 easy, what should I do?

Try doing lf search with both the implant and your cloned key fob, then post the results. That will tell us what kind of card you have. Once we know that, we can help you proceed from there. Keep in mind that it will probably take a while to get a read with your implant. The LF antenna on the pm3 easy isn’t the best, to say the least. If you don’t immediately get a read, don’t panic and just slightly adjust positioning. It often takes me quite a while to get a read on the LF side of my NExT with my pm3 easy.

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As @APartOfMe suggested, and when you are trying to read your implant, your NExT should be perpendicular with the antenna, like this


Anywhen on the Antenna ring should be fine, you ar just trying to get that Right angle :triangular_ruler:

You may need to press firmly.

Also, is the HF side still working?