My NeXT is not working

I installed NeXT and decided to check it out. with tester, I found the nfc position on my two phones. At first I checked using Nfc reader on my iphone 7, unfortunately the phone did not see the chip after several hours of trying. Then I repeated the same thing with another phone, honor p9, tried several programs, including Nfc Tools. But the phone also did not find the chip. Am I doing something wrong, or have I got a bad chip?

How fresh is the install? Swelling can play a huge part of non-readability.
Although I was able to read mine immediately after the injection, I know others haven’t had the same luck.

Also, I know It may sound stupid but do you have NFC enabled on the devices? I’m not sure if NFC tools app turns them on by default? Also, Most Android devices require the device to be unlocked to activate the sensor.

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Thanks for the answer.
40 hours have passed since the installation. NFC on the phone is on, the phone is unlocked.

I have only been able to read the NFC side of my NeXT with a strong USB reader (ACR122U) and even then I had to really push on it and have it at just the right angle. My RFID scans (HID cloned to it) no problem with the reader. In my case I think the install was a little too deep into the muscle between my thumb and index finger - it was not right under the skin but angled down into the muscle a bit (I’m assuming NFC side down) might be the case with you as well.

Make sure you test for the best orientation using the included test chip. Also, sometimes it can take up to a week to get a good read after the chip has settles and swelling has gone down completely. Give it a little more time I’d say.

Also take any type of case off of your phone if you have one. It hinders readability a bit :slight_smile:

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