My Order Delivery Date?

Hello, I ordered an NFC chip last week but I didn’t receive a confirmation email or order number, just the ‘Order received’ page after payment with no order details on. Please could you confirm when this will arrive. We were hoping to get it implanted to present it in a 2017 trends presentation to all our clients on the 20th in Amsterdam.

Many Thanks,
Cara Staniforth

Hi Cara,

Your order number is 9390 and your tracking number is LZ119475774US

You can track the package here

Or, for finer grain detail use the tracking number with your domestic package tracking site;

Hi Amal,

We still haven’t received the delivery - I just looked on your link above and it says it has been delivered but we definitely have not received it at the agency. Please could you advise?

Cara Staniforth

Hi Cara,

At this point the package shows as delivered, so the local postal carrier should be consulted to find out if a “trace” of some sort can be put on the package. Here in the US, the postmaster for a particular post office can sometimes even request a report from the actual carrier who dropped off the package to ensure it was dropped at the correct door/location. I’m not sure what the procedure is for UK post.

Hey I haven’t received tracking number for order #22059 I was wondering when it will be here and if I could get tracking number I have first class Mail which says 1-3 days

Hey I was wondering if I could have tracking number for order 22059 it says I have first class 1-3 days but I haven’t record tracking number

If you have order enquiries, you are best to ask on the DT store on the floaty orange help button

Hey I had placed my order 2 days ago or 1 and still have not received any tracking number it says 1-3 days for shipping it’s been 2days I just want my chip implant :unamused:

Did you schedule an appointment with whoever is doing the install and you need it asap or you’ll miss the appointment?

I ordered it 2 days ago I just need tracking number . What do you mean appointment ???

I replied in your other post
If you have order enquiries, you are best to ask on the DT store on the floaty orange help button

Have you got a chip implant from them ?? And how long did it take

It takes 1-3 business days for processing and then a few days for shipping depending on where you live and which shipping speed you select.

Uhh I wish it was here now… do they deliver it in mailbox or door ??

Where do you usually get small packages that are delivered by USPS? Mailbox, or door?

And it said it will ship 1-3 days

At least give it the 3 full days man. On day 4, drop a polite email.

Dude, you didn’t order from Amazon; there is no drone thats going to drop off your package on your door step 30mins after you clicked buy.

If you wanted it now, you should have bought it a week ago.

Chillax bro, it’ll arrive, in the meantime :beach_umbrella:
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I just merged the duplicate threads, as we don’t need order support clogging up the forum

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That is actually mildly amusing, since “support” is one of the only two categories in the forum, and I suspect the forum got started as a place to post support requests for DT products.

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