My Order Delivery Date?


Hello, I ordered an NFC chip last week but I didn’t receive a confirmation email or order number, just the ‘Order received’ page after payment with no order details on. Please could you confirm when this will arrive. We were hoping to get it implanted to present it in a 2017 trends presentation to all our clients on the 20th in Amsterdam.

Many Thanks,
Cara Staniforth


Hi Cara,

Your order number is 9390 and your tracking number is LZ119475774US

You can track the package here

Or, for finer grain detail use the tracking number with your domestic package tracking site;


Hi Amal,

We still haven’t received the delivery - I just looked on your link above and it says it has been delivered but we definitely have not received it at the agency. Please could you advise?

Cara Staniforth


Hi Cara,

At this point the package shows as delivered, so the local postal carrier should be consulted to find out if a “trace” of some sort can be put on the package. Here in the US, the postmaster for a particular post office can sometimes even request a report from the actual carrier who dropped off the package to ensure it was dropped at the correct door/location. I’m not sure what the procedure is for UK post.