My story about the UniFI Access Door

Hello everyone,

I have been looking for a total solution for my home for years and I found it at Unifi.
The Access Door system seems most suitable for this.
I have now used them for my front door and to open my garage in advance.

See attached some video of the installation.

[](https://Video from opening the main door by UA-PRO)
[](https://Video from opening the garage by UA-LITE)


Nice one @chipman looks like a nice system.
When is that getting implanted? :wink:

Ha, looks like we were posting at about the same time


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I run a UDMP at home and had looked into these. The $64,000 question is will the readers read glass tags.


That is a very good question that i’m also curious of.

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The following tags are read
I’ll just list it.

NExT will work with the UA-LITE and UA-PRO
xNT will work only with the UA-LITE
flexNExT will work with UA-LITE and UA-PRO
flexMT will work with the UA-LITE and UA-PRO


Thanks for that, excellent information
I will update The compatibility matrix sheet

no problem you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Also this is a little strange as they are effectively the same chip and a very similar form factor.

If you get an opportunity, could you do another test with both the NExT and xNT
on the UA-PRO.

Cheers mate


I know, i have tested for a couple of times with the UA-PRO.
No idea why he doesn’t read my xNT.

Another user has made a video from the UA-PRO that will works with the NExT.

Yesterday I was with a piercer who was going to put my implant and said that the xNT I already have was placed too deep.
Maybe that explains why the UA-PRO doesn’t see it.
Maybe the reader of the UA-LITE is a bit stronger, so it will be read.
Could that be a possible explanation?

Quite possibly; if you do a range test :straight_ruler: with a diagnostic card or xFD :bulb: that might show you visually which, if either has a stronger field than the other

What kind of door lock do you have there / how is it integrated with the unifi?

I was considering something similar but the only examples I’ve seen use an electromagnetic lock… But yours seemed to light up as soon as you scanned the card?

Good morning

I am using a samsung smartlock for this (SHS-P717 | SamsungDigitalLife | Samsung Digital Door Locks | Audio Video Intercom | Samsung Smart Things)
in combination with the supplied remote control :slight_smile:

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Ahh… You just gave me an idea.
My existing doorlocks (Yale doorman) can be integrated with a remote control module, meaning I could wire such a remote control to the Unifi system

I smell an expensive project coming up :roll_eyes::grin:

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What I did is on the 2 contact points of the remote control, 2 wires soldered, the pulse is given by the Unifi Access Hub;)


Any chance of some photos?

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what do you use to power the hub? A 60w injector? (it states it needs poe++, but I was hoping it’d be enough with a 48v poe+ supply if I don’t connect a camera)

Edit: do you run the remote on batteries, or is it powered through the hub?

Good morning,

I’ll try to take pictures of it soon :slight_smile:
The remote control is battery powered and I also use the dry contact to transfer that pulse to the remote control

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I use the power of my US48-500W switch :slight_smile:
It is POE

You do realize that you’ve cost me well north of 1000USD so far right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Because of your original post, I have 2 access controllers and a door remote module on its way in the mail.

So glad I don’t have to invest in a new switch as well😅