My story about the UniFI Access Door


It is not the USW :wink:
it is the previous model :slight_smile:

Same here. It’s POE+ (24/48V), the 250w though.
Also have an 8 port edgeswitch lying around, so all is good :slight_smile:

I have both the flexM1, NeXT and XM1 installed, so it’ll be interesting to see how well /consistently it reads the different implants😊

I hope to have the FlexNext and the FlexMT installed soon;)
btw the flexNext works smoothly for you without any problems?

Take a look at the forum for info on the FlexNExT on mobile and at work otherwise I would grab a link but suffice to say a number of them have died.

Sorry if it was unclear, I have the FlexM1 (magic mifare, wedge formfaktor) and also a standard NeXT glassie and a XM1 glassie.

They all function well :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, @chipman like @Devilclarke said, just do a search in the forum for FlexNExT, you will find a few examples as to why it is currently being reworked.
This link is Probably the most relevant

And that is why this

Hijacking this thread.
Thanks to @chipman, I also ordered the Unifi Access starter kit.

I have a Yale Doorman lock, which works relatively good, but I sometimes get slow reads.

Purchased a keyfob for the Yale and gutted it,then shorted the push-button to unlock the door

Next step was to solder the battery connection to a voltage regulator, tuning the 12v power from the UAC down to 6v which the remote requires

Final setup: when an approved access card or chip is read, it sends a 6v pulse to the keyfob which in turn opens the door lock.

And after some drilling and swearing, here is the final result, - comparing read time against the Yale.

@Rosco : the UAC is definitely more consistent and easier to get a read, (probably because it is powered and therefore doesn’t need to pulsate)

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Yes! Well done :wink:

Will some of these could work on my VivoKey Spark 2
13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 4 chip???

Quite potentially… hopefully somebody here has both and can do a test for you

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based on the datasheet online it can authenticate with the following tags

NFC Tag 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
MIFARE Classic
MIFARE Ultralight

but I am pretty sure, unless you use their presigned desfire chips, its simply using UID to authenticate.

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I have the vivokey dev kit. Will test later today and post the results. Also, @pac is correct. It authenticates on UID in ‘simple mode’.
As I understand, bluetooth authentication is also on its way, so visitors can auth with their phone for example.
It is not rolled out as a feature yet though.

Those are cards with the same ISO15693 chips as Spark 1, just FYI

Hello everyone,
Already a small extension to my gateway :wink:


It reads in any case :slightly_smiling_face: