flexNExT failures and replacements

As a notice to anyone with a failed flexNExT who is waiting for a replacement, the flexNExT is officially discontinued. You will get a coupon instead for a credit towards the flexMN. Credit coupons will be issued shorty.


Classy, as always.


So is the plan to use those coupon codes when backing the fundraising campaign? Just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly.

Yeah you’d apply the coupon on checking out…

Dinner time intruding so coupons coming later…

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@anon3825968 , you are most welcome for the eclectic coloured memes :+1:


I’m surprised you haven’t gone back and edited his posts to include a few choice memes,

Reasons why I shouldn’t have power

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See, this is the meme that should have appeared in roscos comment lol

Ok, I have a potentially upsetting update…

I am crunching the numbers with Michelle about failed the upgrade path to the flexMN as an RMA replacement for the discontinued flexNExT… We are making up coupon codes for you, but with the costs involved we are looking at a coupon discount of only $150 off the flexMN. I fully expect all of the flexNExT we’ve sold to come back home dead eventually, which is why this is more than a case of eating a few bucks to create a few replacements.

I realize this isn’t great… but also it’s the best we can do at the moment without driving ourselves into the hole. I’d like sincere thoughts about this. Does this discount amount seem fair or a rip off considering we released what turned out to be a faulty product design?


I don’t have one, so I don’t have a dog in this fight.

But for what it is worth, I would back you, and accept your offer.

Your company is worth more to me than a single implant




I have no skin the this game so take my opinion for what it’s worth

But that seems fair, it was always listed in the “lab” as semi experimental

Like for like replacement is one thing, and appreciated

but replacing one implant with a significantly more expensive design, at your loss seems like asking a lot

Additionally, I think most of us like cutting / bleeding edge stuff, so with speed comes issues

I would rather risk that a design is faulty in the long run and loose some money, than you have to raise prices to cover unexpected runs


Well, like I told you before, nobody should works for free. And the way you priced the flexMN, it would have cost me zero to upgrade. So I was expecting you to come back with something like this at some point, or I would have proposed to pay extra anyway because the math just didn’t add up :slight_smile:

It’s all cool for me bud. You gotta make a living and I’m totally overpaid at my current job anyway.

EDIT: to be honest, I was expecting the flexMN to fetch just south of $500 in the crowdfunding campaign, seeing as though people were okay to part with $250+ on a 50-cent bullseye with three $2 NFC nails - meaning people were okay to value your expertise, your process and your magic goop at $243.50 for that implant.

The magic NTAG being costlier, plus the antenna, plus your time to solder one to the other- all of which didn’t factor in with the flexNExT, I fully expected you to jack up the price a lot more than you did.


I can assure you - one will survive! Mine is still working fine (though outside of my body), and since it’s no longer flexed at all, I guess it will keep working :stuck_out_tongue:
It will spend the rest of its days inside of a picture frame, together with one of my x-rays :wink:

So same here, I’m not really concerned by all that, but I think the pricing is fair :+1:


Cool idea :+1:


Surprised Amal doesn’t wanna inspect it

Mh, it didn’t really fail - it was either the glue-coating (which was already adressed) or a little injury, or a combination of both. Guess there are no new infos to gain from inspecting it :woman_shrugging: :wink:

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Ooh, you sooo need to stick an NFC reader behind the frame - like a Feitian, detuned or offset so it can’t quite read the NTAG and keeps blinking the LEDs slowly.

I’ll do that with mine for sure.

Well, unless Amal wants it back.

Hmm, that’s a nice idea!
I’ve got an ACR122U here, do you think it will work with that, too?

By the way, I know you don’t qualify for a rebate technically, ironically enough, but are you gonna spring for a flexMN?

Yeah the ACR will work, it’s just that it’s gonna blink the LEDs frantically. The Feitian has this slow blinking pattern when it’s probing for something in the field, which look nice:

Of course you could drive the reader with a program to make it blink whatever you want. I was talking just with the reader alone behind the frame.