My ugly but cool DIY hand X-ray (visible-ray?)

Wanna get a cramp while going blind and grilling your hand over and over again? Then this is the project for you!
So a while ago I took some pictures of my xG3 and finger implants by shining a headlamp through my hand and was kinda successful but I’ve always wanted to take this idea further…

First attempt a year ago

I used a 500lumens headlamp and electrical tape to fill the gaps back then.

I recently bought a much much brighter torchlight (thrunite tt20? 2400 lumens) and the time had come to try this again.
Here are the best unedited pics I got:


And here are the much better edited ones :sunglasses::

Cool s*** here

If you feel very patient today and you like spending more on a diy project than actually going to the hospital and getting a real one then this is what you will need:

  • A camera with long exposure (some phones do 30s, this is enough for thin parts like fingers)
    *A very bright flashlight (500-3000 lumens depending on how much pain and suffering you want in your life)
    *Cardboard and an opaque box
    *Toilet paper

Here are the steps:
*Cut out the shape of your hand in the cardboard so that it fits perfectly and no light leaks out at all (use more than one layer to realy get the shape like so:

My box

And tape it on the box so that when your hand is on there there is no holes at all.

*Place the torch in there on the brightest setting that it van sustain without overheating. I place it directly under the thickest part of my hand for a better result. Then realise you messed up and there is definitely light coming out of the sides… Patch it up with paper.

The ugliest project ever

*Now get in a completely dark room, set the camera on a tripod over the box. Turn on the flashlight, place your hand as good as you can and take a picture. (30s to 3min depending on your hand’s thickness and the flashlight).

*DO NOT MOVE! AT ALL. If youre hand starts burning this is how magic feels.

*Keep not moving. If you get a cramp this is science flowing through your veins.

*The three minutes are over… Take your hand off, regret doing this. Look at how blurry the picture is and realise how much you moved.


Fun facts:
The glow powder in my doNext charged slightly with the light coming from the palm side :grin:.

You can stack toilet paper rolls, put the flashlight in them and press your hand on top and it will work almost as well… Yes, I found out at the very end.

TP set-up



ok this is cool VERY cool but in the > cool shit tab thats an alien, you need to find a young priest and an old priest

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I’m thinking of a solution to make this better:
I would use an LCD panel as the surface I place my hand on, then use clay to make a perfect seem all around.
By adjusting the light that comes through with the lcd I could make the amount of light proportional to the thickness of flesh above to get an uniform brightness. The clay would keep the hand steadier and make the image less blurry.
But I haven’t played much with either LCDs or clay so if anyone could help me with that it would be great! Also if black on the lcd is completely opaque might not need the clay but I don’t think it is…

(No back-light on the LCD of course, I would use a much stronger light source)
(Also cover the inside of the box with aluminum foil or something like that…)

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ive been so tempted to build something like this for so long! i even have some old tubes that emit x-rays as a byproduct of there true purpose.


I found his hand x-ray , it doesn’t look bad at all. I’d love to see it if you make one.

Just to be clear, I use visible light (maybe a bit of IR too since my camera can pick it up). This is why you can’t see the bones, the light is diffused by the body. All that you see on my pictures is from the top 5mm to 1cm layer (veins and implants mainly) Although you can just barely see the bones if you look hard enough. :wink:

I did more, I wanted to get a nice pic of the doNext :

@amal have you ever seen one this way?
Also as a proof of concept I tried the upper arm with more time and it worked (10min, needs more) :

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That eminded me of them…

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Update: it kinda works with your face

I made a couple attempts at lighting up the neck and uper chest through the throat (by trying to align it the same way people swallow swords and shining the light in my mouth) but it takes sooo long that it’s almost impossible to stay still and breathe…
I got this blurry one


This one kind of looks like a Horror movie Poster



I see the after-party for that was great!



I want to try this with cross-polarized light.
Can I also include a disclaimer:
Should you keep distance from the chip if you ever try to attempt this with flash!!!
Remember my fried chip!

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