Mythbusters made me do it... My install experience

Yup, and thank you for the updates.


Any update on your xSIID?

6-week update
Thanks for the reminder and push @Kode.

There is not really much to report since my last post TBH… But, wow has 3 weeks flown!

The last scab from my xLED has finally come off and I can say that we are now all closed up. It took so long as I think that there was a skin flap in the wound to grow out.

I have my hand back at normal operation now and most often, I forget they are even there. There was an odd sensation in about week 5. It was a light tenderness and pulsing from the xSIID, but that was only for about 2 days and has not returned.

I am trying to get the scar cream happening. But, in this current C-word time and being in healthcare, getting anything to stay on my hands is impossible and I am sanitising every 5 seconds. Most of my wounds will go a light pink and fade out eventually.

As for Ernie (xSIID), he still has not improved with his LED. There is no progress here and I don’t think there will be now. I am still getting good reads from the chip, though only an extremely dim slight speck of blue in a pitch-black room with adjusted eyes… I think there’s something odd going on here, or a fault with the LED?

The xLED is still shining bright as ever and I am always playing with it…There is something truly mesmerising about watching it flicker and lining both the xSIID and xLED in one read for a nice steady glow.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go blink myself right now!

Dang that really sucks about your xSIID. That’s the same one I’m getting. Hopefully someone chimes in with some advice or troubleshooting.

How are Bert and Ernie?
Specifically Ernie?
Shining bright like the star he is :blinky_blue:

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Hey @Pilgrimsmaster

Thanks for checking in!

I do have a very, very odd update with regards to the boys…

A fortnight ago, I was sitting about and checked in with @DonFire about how their Titan was going. During our chat, I scanned Ernie… (I quite often play around with Bert just watching them flicker around, but have given up on Ernie).

For some reason tonight, Ernie turned on a light… In a dimly lit room, I was actually seeing blue… I was ecstatic! This was the first time Ernie had truly said ‘hello’.

He was by no means bright, but was visible… I was able to get my non-cyborg and completely uninterested partner to reluctantly capture this rare moment on film. (albeit terrible quality)

Here the lovely couple can be seen together with Ernie to the lower-right of Burt. Burt really is a bright spark, he can even throw a reflection off my shiny phone!

But, that was the last time I saw Ernie. He hung around for a few days and now his light is back to how it was before… Only a speck in a pitch-black room.

So, odd.



Quite odd actually, I hope we get to see Ernie again in the future :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

Maybe it’s rotating? I know my xSIID rotates a fair bit. Try looking at this thread and seeing if you can rotate it back!


Thanks for this info @APartOfMe, though I have already tried this in the past.

Unfortunately, this technique did not appear to assist.

I think he does rotate around, though when he is facing the right way, he is just really dim?