Mythbusters made me do it... My install experience

It’s time that I stop lurking in the forum shadows… And as of yesterday, I have some LEDs to help light the way!

My storytime:

I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd. Honestly, with Mythbusters being one of my favourite shows (second to Labyrinth), that is proven.

Back in 2007 an episode aired exploring RFID chips in MRIs, with Kari Byron having one installed. This episode intrigued me and ‘implanted’ the curiosity of implants.

Ideas have come and gone through my explorations while hanging around in my body, though never eventuated.

A few months ago I was reading something where implants were mentioned and a catalyst went off. This sending me down the rabbit hole of the internet with me ending up at Dangerous Things.

After hours of endless website and forum reading, the spark didn’t go out, it just had to happen.

I made contact with @DonFire, who may I say, has been a mentor of sorts? With chats, troubleshooting, testing, and a mammoth xSIID sale, an order was placed. With their help, it was finally happening!

I sat by the letterbox here in Australia, waiting… As soon as my order arrived, I made my install booking. I knew that if I didn’t keep the train moving, it’ll halt.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and installs were had.

My install experience:

I had purchased 2 HF xLEDs (white and red) and a blue xSIID with the intention of having at least the xSIID and an xLED installed. If I could fit all three in, bonus!

After my consult with my piercer, it was decided it best to go with the xSIID and the white xLED in L0 and no numbing. (Saving the red xLED for the future).

We cleaned up, lined up, and psyched up with my piercer recommended going xSIID first.

I’m not one to watch my body mods, so I keep reading a COVID warning poster, over and over again while squishing a little stress reliever in my other hand.

“When your ready, big breath in and on your release, we go”. Breath in, and release…

I felt the needle break the skin, pop in, and with another big breath, in went the xSIID. And that was that, it was done… It was nowhere near what I thought it was going to be like… But, the xLED was still to come!!!

I was doing great, on cloud nine. So we prepped for round two. “When your ready, big breath in and on your release, we go”. Breath in, and release…

WTF… This was nothing like the first one. Worse, worse, worse. I felt the skin break, all good. Felt the pain of the bevel going in, and in, and in… “When’s it going to pop”, I kept thinking until finally, POP, the needle was in! And with another big, shaky breath, in went the xLED.

It was done, and the gauze was on. Surprisingly, there was nowhere near the blood I had expected, with nothing shy of a few smears. The pain was now like when you stub your toe, a throbbing sesation.

While applying pressure to the site, my piercer and I caught up for a bit and after the bleeding had stopped, two little dot Band-aids were applied (We didn’t need the large plaster. I had shaved my hand for no reason… It’s smooth though :wink: )

Last night there was a little tenderness and an occasional throb and slight, slight bleeding. I took it easy for the rest of the night and watched a little bed TV with my already chipped mate.

I did do a few phone scans, I don’t have any discipline… I was able to read the xSIID, though did not see any of the blue LED, whatsoever. With the xLED, it was glowing bright! Sorry, I didn’t have two phones to take a pic. I could also gently feel the xLED, though could not find the xSIID. Hopefully, it is not too deep?

I awoke this morning with no real pain, though a light throb when moving the section around L0.

I removed the Band-aids and what was reviled, was not as bad as I expected. The incision site for the xSIID looks great, though the puncher from the xLED looks like how it felt going in!

After a saline clean, it’s not looking too bad. There’s a moderate amount of swelling, though no bruising yet and pain is minimal. I could use a few fingers on the hand to assist in writing this post. (Sorry for the typos of one-handed typing)

All-in-all, this far, not a bad experience. “Would I do it again?” …I am already planning what to do next! I mean, I can’t let that red LED go to waste :stuck_out_tongue:

If people are interested, I am happy to post progress reports as healing.

It has been great reading all your posts, and I can’t wait to see where this technology leads!

Massive thanks goes to @DonFire


Glad to be of help! I have a flexM1 on the way to me :eyes:, might have to meet up again to test some flexes :rofl:

Remember which one you got? I think I got one of the ones with the eyes that popped out :joy:

Bad bad bad bad :stuck_out_tongue: , but you already know that.

Look forward to seeing future pics of your healing!


The Clue is in your own words…must be subliminal

NExT Implant with your Red xLED alongside it

and of course



For sure, I’d love to flex with you! Just let me know where, and when.

Lol, great minds think alike… That’s the same that I go for. There’s something therapeutic popping out their eyes while something is being popped in you!

I’ve not played with myself since you told me off!

Perhaps, or I might need some magic :wink:

But, I’m also feeling a little bit of flexing might be required?

And, thanks for the welcome!


Phrasing! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

I love my red xLEDs , I have 2.

Let it heal, it take some time, that you can see the LED from the xSIID - maybe a the swelling.

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I think you meant subdermal!


48 hours later
Swelling has gone down considerably. Some still remaining, mostly around xLED entry.

There is no real pain, though I am starting to slowly and gently use my hand again. If I am to hold something tightly, like when I forgot and went to carry a soft drink to the movies, it was a tender reminder.

I also shocked myself a little this morning when I forget about the implant, picked up my coffee cup, and could see a partial outline of the xLED!


1-week update
Most swelling appears to have gone, though certain hand movements can be a little tender (I have been babying my hand as you would not believe).

Around day four a light-yellow bruising appeared around sites. It has lightened daily and almost now gone, and not even visible on camera. In the right light, the amber tint is visible.

The scabs are hanging on for dear life and as soon as they fall, I will start the scar cream.


One thing of slight concern is xSIID. I am getting good reads and have done so since day one, though the blue LED has not been really visible at all. If I turn all the lights off, allow my eyes to adjust, and in pitch black, I can barely see what I think is a poor excuse for an almost invisible muddy colour blue (or it’s wishful thinking). I really hope that it is just pooled blood or something, and not an issue with the LED.

The xLED on the other hand… It be glowing STRONG. And to be honest has since installed. It’s just a little cleaner in colour now.

When making a fist, or closing my hand around something, the xLED does become visible. On the other hand, I am not able to see the xSIID at all and am not wanting to feel around for it until it has healed a little more.


All-in-all, it’s looking promising!

Honestly just wait with the xsiid, most people are surprised that it can take 2 weeks if not a little longer to see the light but then gets bright pretty quick.

Or you could try it out in a pitch black room.

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Thanks, @Devilclarke. I’ll keep being patient.

I’ve tried it in a pitch black room and waited for my eyes to adjust, and I can see the tiniest, perhaps my eyes paying tricks on me, faintest pixel of blue?

2-week update
Ok, so Bert(xSIID) and Ernie(xLED) look like they have both settled into their new home.

All the swelling has gone down and the site is no longer tender to touch. Sometimes if I grab something tight or heavy, I get a reminder that they are still mending and to back-off. In addition, sometimes I will get a very light itching sensation or tightness around the location. I am still babying my hand, though am beginning to return to normal light use.

The xLED has settled a little more and is now not as prominently visible as it was (but the LED is still as bright as a star). With a relaxed hand it can now not be seen, but on a fist or holding something, it can… TBH, I’m not mad about it, I don’t mind Ernie saying “Hi” every once in a while.

Now, the xSIID is reading great though I am still not really getting any real blinky from it. I will get a very, and I mean very, slight speck of blue in a pitch-black room with my eyes adjusted.

Though with this slight speck of blue, I was able to determine that during installation the LED end came out last when injecting. This meaning it is facing a different direction from the xLED that was also installed. I’m a little worried that xSIID will never show his light, or there’s an issue with the LED?

All-in-all, we are looking pretty good and I still have the scabs just barely hanging on (it’s taking all I have to not pick them!). I am hoping to start the scar cream this weekend. It’s been hard to use it as I work with gloves and heavy hand hygiene practices, so keeping the scar cream on and my hand moisturised, is almost impossible. But TBH, the sites have healed quite well and I have quite wrinkly hands so I think when all is said and done, the scars are going to be very discrete.

With this new experience, I am extremely happy with the entire process of chipping myself after many a year of it being on my mind…

  • Customer service of DT, especially Michelle - A+++
  • Knowledge and support of this community - A+
  • Install by my piercer Jackie at The Piercing Shop here in Brisbane, AU - A+
  • Being able to just sit there and watch a little xLED blink in my hand - priceless!

Now, what’s going into me next…


I don’t have one, but from what I’ve seen, it can take a while before you see the xSIID’s blinky. I’d give it another week or two for swelling to go down before you worry.

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flexM1? :rofl: Or Apex flex?

I think we’re all agreed on that front :heart:

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Haha, I love that you have named them

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Thanks, @APartOfMe. I’ll keep patiently waiting with bated breath!

Don’t know if I am up for two flexies right away… But, they are both needed and defs going to be at least an Apex Flex! Thinking now I want to throw in an xG3 V2!

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For sure… Bert is the slender xSIID and Ernie is the fatter xLED.
They are just ‘best friends’ living together in my hand… How could they not have names?

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3-week update
In case anyone is still reading this… There is not much to report this week.

There is just a tiny little scab at the very entrance of Ernie’s home that is left to fall, and the skin is now starting to heal. As soon as Ernie’s scab falls, I’ll start the scar cream to help remove some of the fresh-skin pinkness.

Sadly, there is still nothing to report from Burt’s xSIID blinky… I have even tried a magnet to see if that would assist, but no changes and not sure as to what is going on here. I am generally getting good reads, though still just a slight speck of blue in a pitch-black room.

My first project is successfully in place… The front fence is now opening on scanning of the xSIID, so EXCITED! I was actually able to finally impress my non-interested partner with this. In addition, I was even able to get their Bankwest Halo ring scanning at the gate, this also impressed them… Two wins for the cyborg implant wants.

Now, just my front door to convert. @DonFire and I have tried to get my old Xiaomi Aqara front door lock to join the cyborg world, though due to power saving settings in the software, the xSIID’s antenna is not big enough to activate the reader into full power and get a read.