National shame.. a pictorial

I like to keep this forum apolitical, but I need to post this for posterity.

Cops opening the gates for protestors… come on in boys…


I’m in absolute disbelief… You know… The first war and the tech recession in cyberpunk lore started like this… Its so frightening to see a scify book become real and what this might mean for the future and democracy.

The scifi book becoming real feeling hit me when Dubya enacted the USA PATRIOT Act after 9/11. Since then, I’ve been watching the US slowly sliding into a tyranny and dystopia. Today’s events are just the latest episode. Things seem to be heating up and descending into civil war faster than I had anticipated though…


Not only civil war, wait until Iran gears up… We’re going to be soon under a radioactive rain.

Nah… This surge of entropy is internal to the US.

I hate to say it, but it would probably de-escalate quite a few tensions and conflicts around the world if America turned its warring tendencies inward.


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Amal, When do you get your Canadian immigration papers :interrobang:

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So uhh warning. This is the video of the lady who was shot and killed. Don’t open it obviously if you don’t want to see what happened.

WARNING this is the video the the lady who was shot and killed

When this whole thing is over, I wonder if Trump would be indicted for criminal anarchy (18 U.S. Code § 2385). He certainly fits the criteria. That would be a first for a US prez.


He fits the criteria for so many crimes and gets away with every single one of them

Not trying to argue against you or anything. But should we try to keep this thread to what happened today only, and not about this stuff?

Yeah, never followed up on that sentence so… Just a comment, not a thread starter.

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This one would stick. His actions since the election results are a textbook case of incitation to take lawless actions.

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Angry. Little too angry to talk sensibly. This is not what we Americans are about. There is a process to correct the way we’ve gone, but it’s not a reassurance when it takes so long to turn the ship about.

If you’re out there listening, and you’re not American, This is NOT US. These people DO NOT represent me or the people I know. Please believe me.


During his presidency, I have heard lawmakers speak about debates regarding two things, both subjects ultimately relate to the president being above the law and untouchable. Those subjects are; 1) can and should a sitting president be arrested and charged with a crime, and 2) can a sitting president pardon himself. Both of those subjects should not even be debatable, yet they were bandied about with little more energy than the extreme exhaustion of a dead horse.

Sadly, the only way for any of this to “stick”, would be to levy charges after he leaves office. I know that New York is waiting for that to happen before they file their charges against him.

Ha! I’m laughing my ass off at this stupid shit.

Yes of course, the POTUS has immunity as long as he’s in office. What I’m wondering is whether he can be charged for crimes he committed during his tenure after he leaves office. Especially crimes of sedition - which is the novelty here since 1776.

And obviously once he’s out, he can’t pardon himself. So that particular point is moot.

But that’s the point… this should not be an “of course” statement. The whole time I’m hearing “nobody is above the law” and “rule of law” coming out of the mouths of these people, they are also at the same time all “well i dunno” when it comes to actually charging Trump with any crimes.

Afterward I’m sure charges will come raining down at least from the States… but that is not the point… the point is that it seems ever 4 years we install a new untouchable dictator… a lot of crimes can be committed and damage can be done in 4 years.


There are good reasons why presidents have immunity (most countries’ heads of state in fact). He might need to do illegal stuff for the good of the country. I can accept that. And if it gets bad enough, there is a mechanism to remove a sitting prez - impeachment.

But that only works when the house itself isn’t a corrupt oligarchy of course. The impeachment efforts on Trump failed pathetically because of this. And the charges against him were kind of clutching at straws anyway.

This is different: this is a clear act of sedition, and there won’t be no need for no impeachment soon. His Orangeness will soon be a regular citizen like the rest of us. This is bound to be interesting.

He’s not only a former President, but a billionaire. The rules are different for the ultra wealthy.