Neat video showing difference between bevel direction

That’s all, just something I saw that I thought many of you may find interesting


It is interesting… however…


So you’re saying “We are Special!”. :rofl:

I don’t suppose you’ve looked at the advantages of multiple cutting surfaces like the B&D system with 5(?) Different angled cuts on the needle tip?

I don’t know if it makes sense at larger sizes, compared to the 31g I am used to dealing with (worst are the 31g 4mm needles)

well thanks for both of these vids
as a bad-guy self installer, i break ALL the rules.
i have never tented. mainly because i don’t have anyone here who will help and i need my hand to shove it in.

for me, no matter which way i go, getting bevel up it gets caught and i have to overcome the skin AND my own brain telling me to stop.
bevel down, i tend to go too shallow and have to finagle the needle - which suuuucks. but it goes in smooth.

honestly, i have gone both ways and maybe im just a moron but mine dozen implants are mostly fine and diz-andy.

next one i will tent (some how) and go bevel down. let’s see how easy all this COULD have been :confused:

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Small to medium sized binder clips?

Clothes pins?

Sadistic neighbours?

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I might just buy some cheap0 clamp from Amazon

Try looking at some Forceps or similar

Or you could make your own by wrapping a rubberband around the handles to keep them closed


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Can confirm bevel up on my first implant took much more force and pulled the skin inside and left a nice red bump compared to bevel down.


“Most” people go bevel down, so are strong advocates for bevel up.

There has also been used a modified version.
Bevel Down to penetrate the skin, then rotate to bevel Up to control further insertion…
Standby for quote…

Wow, this had some activity while I wasn’t looking…

Thanks for the correction Amal, I just saw this and thought it was interesting, I didn’t remember of the top of my head what way we are usually supposed to do with ours.

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i used something similar and they are great!

here i use them to install a Xg3
and here a xsiid

ahh, and always bevel down^