Need some help with planning new implants

Ooookay… I’m having some free time, a Titan coupon and no more chip inside me, so I’m sitting here and pondering on what to get next…
I’m having some ideas, but I’m not really sure if they are good ones, so I hope you can help me a bit :wink:

  1. I had the flexNExT and I liked how it covered two different chip types at once - I would like to have something similar, so I’m thinking about the NeXT

  2. I love blinkies (okay, that was obvious), especially blue ones

  3. for my maybe-soon-to-come door lock (LF), I think a good read range might be important or at least helpful

So, my current idea is either getting a NExT and neither getting any blinkies nor extended range, or getting a xSIID for the NFC part and the blinky and a flexEM for extended range and the LF chip (or, if there is any chance to put a blinky on a xEM, there would also be the possible combination of xSIID with blinky + xEM with blinky^^).

I rummaged through the forum a bit, but I found only very few experiences with the flexEM - so far, it looks like it’s a “nice” chip, pretty rigid, pretty solid (didn’t read anything about failures), not too big but noticably thicker than the flexNExT (which might even be an advantage, I think).

Since I am a tiny bit afraid of “sharp” biopolymer edges under my skin, I am wondering if it would be possible to put the flexEM underneath a silicone implant… I would definitely sacrifice some read range again, and I couldn’t choose a design like my power button or such (for the skin in the middle would have no way to reattach), but other than that - would it be possible? I imagine healing time to be a bit more annoying, for the implants could “slide” a bit on top of each other, but once the pocket is formed, I think I should be safe? Or is there (professional installation provided, of course) a great(er) danger of infection or any other stupid things because both implants are not seamlessly glued together, in a way?

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huh, they should be the same chip, so same thickness. flexNExT is probably even bigger due to the sticker.

I’d go xSIID and xEM from what you say but you should consider wedges with a finger nail.

Thought that, too, but on the shop it says the flexNExT is 0.4mm thick and the flexEM is 1.3mm thick - I was quite a bit surprised about that…
Just measured my flexy, and the 0.4mm seems fitting, at least on the edge :woman_shrugging:

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Nah I think thats the outer flatter part, or the polymer thickness. I’m decently sure the flexEM is part of the flexNExT.

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You’re right, the flexy is noticeably thicker in the middle… :wink:

Do you think it would be (technically) possible to add a blinky to the xEM? Because in that case, my decision would be quite easy :wink:

Yeah it’s kinda easy. You put a LF xLED next to it.


Yeah, what yeka said, about adding an xLED next to the xEM.

Just wanted to chime in since you’re considering it, I absolutely love my blue xSIID. It’s my primary implant for most of my uses, and the color is a really beautiful shade of blue, and especially with certain readers, it’s pretty bright.

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Depending on your hand you can fit it all in P0 between thumb and index

Hmmmmkay :stuck_out_tongue:

That was just what I was about to write - I’m planning p0 on the right hand for the LF chip, and I would have to keep at least 5mm between the xEM and the xLED - keeping my hand relaxed, I’ve got about 2cm space between the bones, so this should be possible as long as the chips don’t migrate like crazy :wink:
But for a third chip (in that case, the xSIID), it wouldn’t be enough space, so I’d put that into p0 on the left hand - is there any problem with the fact that my Titan is (hopefully) getting into my left hand as well? I’m planning to put it into some fingertip (hope it fits in there…), but when asleep or relaxed, my hand is usually half-closed, so the Titan will be relatively near to p0 or every other part of my hand… bad idea or not?

Maybe my math is off, but 2 cm is enough for 3 chips?
Bone 3mm xSIID 5mm xLED 5mm xEM 3mm Bone
Yeah ok it’s a lil over it but still okish?

Nope, that’s totally correct - but I’m moving my hand around as well, and while they might fit in there while my hand is completely relaxed, I think it might get tight if I move my thumb closer to my hand…

Hm, then maybe xEM in P1, they cant cross talk so should be fine? Or shifted, lile the middle one closer ro the joint and the others closer to the fingers.

Whatever tbh I dont think youll be happy with a LF xLED, it’s not rly bright afaik.

I’m waiting until one of us finds an LF LED chip :slight_smile:

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Nope, this will be totally fine. I have a slightly stronger magnet than the Titan in my ring fingertip and a NExT in P0 and there’s no possible way I could get those two to interact. Would have to be a few mm’s distance and that just can’t happen with your thumb meat in the way.

The flexEM has some stellar performance compared to the LF side of the NExT. I don’t think you’ll need silicon, the “edge” is rounded and not pronounced at all because of the biopolymer, but you do you.

I think a flexEM with a LF LED nail on top would perform well and be really cool. The rigidness of the flexEM would also help reinforce the weak LED fingernail, since flexing is it’s primary mechanism of failure. With the resin reinforcement though the whole implant would be very tall in the z-axis. I don’t think I would put that in my hand. Maybe forearm? There’s a good spot for access control applications near your elbow.

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Thanks a lot - this was exactly the kind of info I was hoping for! :wink:

Okay, so I think I’ll reach out to Amal after the holidays and ask if something like that would be possible - great thing is, that way I’d even be able to get a blue blinky and not only the white one of the xLED!

I think the hand is a no-go for flexies for me - I placed a 5-cent-coin (has the size of the flexEM :wink: ) on several parts of my hand, and there was no spot where it could really lay flat. So I’m thinking about the arm as well, currently faltering between wrist (either on top or below - I’d like the lower side more, because of planned scarification on the top) or some spot closer to the elbow.

Okay, that’s good to know - but do you think putting a silicone implant above it would be a viable idea? I think, especially with the LED on the implant, it might possibly light up the silicone, which would look pretty cool :wink:

If you want an xEM I have one in its package you can have.

I bought the package mainly for the needles anyways, as I am going to put in 3 chips at once, figured I would use the same needle in succession. I don’t HAVE to use my xEM one at all. Just pm me if you want it.

Reading your post, it sounds furiously like your brain is wanting a flexMN without admitting it.


Decisions are hard no? Lol
My personal planning clock is winding down, less than 24 till I get 6 more

Hey, that’s very nice of you! Though I must admit, I’m totally unsure on what to do at all, and since all studios in Germany are currently closed, it’s gonna take some weeks or even months until all this gets specific :wink:

Nope :wink:
My brain know that the flexMN is a great chip, and a big improvement to the flexNExT. But this is similar to my microdermals - I loved them, but my body showed me very clearly that we won’t come to an agreement on that. So I just think that I will not feel comfortable putting something of that size and form factor into my body again :wink:
That’s why I’m still very unsure about the flexEM as well…

I feel you :stuck_out_tongue:
There are just so many possibilities and things to consider… I totally understood all your asking and pondering in the last time :wink:

And hey, I keep my fingers crossed for you - have a nice installation! :slight_smile:

You sure about that? Sure it’s not some post-traumatic reaction?

The flexNExT was too large. The dead one inside of me keeps reminding me that it barely fits in me, and it might have been plain too large in you. The flexMN is smaller. As for your body’s reaction, I have a feeling it was an external factor - some bug that got there by pure accident.

Anyhow, if you don’t want to try your luck no more, it’s understandable. But I think the odds might be in your favor this time, and you might end up regretting not getting one later.

Then again, I suppose there’s time enough to order one when you see that all of us flexMN guinea pigs are still alive and kicking after a while :slight_smile:

Post-traumatic-implant-reaction, sounds like fun :wink:
I might very well be overcautious, of course. But like I said, it’s some sort of agreement with my body that if something goes really wrong, I don’t re-do it. Like permanently slightly-inflammated microdermals - won’t get them again. My nipple piercing just grew out, simply because it was pierced in the wrong way (was done before I met my current piercer :wink: ), and I think I will get it redone some day. The flexNExT is somewhere in the middle between those two cases, I think…

Yep, I’ll happily watch what happens - and until then, I can look around and get some other implants :wink: