New and needs help with product selections and possibilities

Hey All,
I’m super interested in getting an implant for a few reasons. I want to know what’s possible with my list below, and which product(s) id need if possible. I tend to chase my tail until I’m pointed in the right direction than can usually figure things out from there.

Things id like to do:

  • Create a website that someone can tap that they could get my personal or work contacts (ie.
  • Ditch the car key! - I drive a 2019 mini cooper. That fob is bulky for no good reason.
  • Open my Google Nest/Yale locks.
  • Get a safe for the house that i can open.

I do have a local tattoo shop I’m very familiar with that is on the list of partners, so I feel comfortable getting the implant(s) installed.


I like popl, it’s an easy to use service and free technically

For this you’ll want either the XSIID, NExT, xNT
I like the XSIID for this as it lights up and is more dramatic… also it helps you find the antenna on someone else’s phone… which can be problematic

I still haven’t done this as the locking and unlocking is problematic, but you can do it, you typically will want a 125khz implant for this if you use the premade module…

So that would be a NExT, xEM, or FlexEM

Some people have built their own arduino rigs, which would allow HF tags…

There is also some security concern with rfid vehicle conversion for me, as you kind of disable both the steering Column, AND the transponder system

Making your car much easier to hot wire… but nobody should know that? Idk

Not sure about this, as I have no experience with either

This I have some experience with, that was my first project… I converted a full-size gunsafe to open using a XACV2 reader.

Alternatively you could look at hornady I believe, but they use the less common iso15693

For this you’d need the XSLX implant, on my to get list

Expect to need a more than one implant most likely, just because systems are different and sometimes not always compatible

That being said, the NExT will get you the broadest compatibility if you can only truely do one implant


This is amazing and even for the business card aspect of it it’s worth it. I’m going to start with the XSIID and go from there. One last question. Let’s say I wanted to do both the Business card and have it open my mac. Would I need 2 of these or can I make it do both functions with one?

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That you can do with the same implant

I do

Basically, the business card stuff would the data payload of the chip… called NDEF it’s data formated for phones to read and understand

The computer you can use a reader like the KBR1 or what I use (more spendy but more compact) the WAVE ID NANO

Both of these work the same and read the serial number of the implant and type it like a virtual keyboard and hit enter automatically

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This is so cool. I’m sold. Purchasing now and am in the middle of setting up my popl account.
Thanks a ton for your help. I can not wait to see how this tech progresses.

I wouldn’t do the WAVE nano unless you hear otherwise… I checked and I don’t see Mac compatible listed

Maybe it is maybe it isn’t

There is a video of using the KBR1 to unlock Mac

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You have had some great advice, and the xSIID is great with it’s blinky if you like that.

Like @Eriequiet said, and If I could only choose one implant for you I would also reccomend the NExT implant, then if your funds allow, grab yourself an xSIID also.

If however you have already purchased the xSIID or still just want the xSIID, you won’t be disapointed.

If it helps, if you are in North America, I belive the shipping is free with a NExT …

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Sweet. I’m gonna keep looking for something like the WAVE nano cause I like that it plugs directly in. Im often bring my computer around and want something more compact and easy to manage with Travel.

Again I really appreciate the advice!

Thank you! Just out of curiosity for you what puts the NExT above the XSIID? I haven’t purchased yet so there is still time.

Secondly, what would a use case for both of them be?

Just getting into this world and loving it.

I’m sure pilgrim will beat me to respond,

But basically the NExT is 2 different chips in the same implant

One high frequency and one Low frequency, so you get 2x the functionality more or less…. In theory

If you are sold on the WAVE ID I can try to plug mine into my wife’s MacBook and see how it responds

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Thank you @Eriequiet I appreciate it! I don’t want you to make you do any additional work, and I’m more than fine doing some research on the WAVE to see if I can get it to work with a mac.


It will do pretty much everything you want, so far…

More bang for your buck…unless you prefer blinky over LF functionality…

There is no WRONG choice between, just which ever suits your use better


Gonna be honest, I followed zoidbergs advice. One in each hand.

Also got the g3. I have bad ADHD so the g3 is going to be great.

Now for another q. Haven’t told the wife but she is a nurse. She ok to implant, or should I have the certified guy at the local tattoo shop in denver implant?

You guys rule. Thank you so much for all the advice. Super excited.

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My 2 cents, have the guy who pierces for a living do it

There’s a lot less stress than involving your significant other who may or may not see eye to eye with you on it, which is fine… but your asking them to get pretty involved

Food for thought, you can do more than 1 per hand… I’m at around 10 depending on how you count in my left hand

You might find more benefits to a location besides the web of your thumb,

I find that location is good to internet with phones, but poor if you are trying to scan a mounts reader or something

I mounted my KBR1 underneath my desk to make up for that weirdness

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You could tell her to read the DT instructions on how to implant the chips, it’s a simple procedure but it’s different enough from a normal injection to warrant reading the documentation.

Of course, a certified installer will be more familiar with these implants and this has some advantages.

All the wishes that you described, man, are quite realizable with one NExT dual-frequency implant.
certainly. it is not as beautiful as the XSIID, but dual-frequency in one capsule allow you to realize all your plans.
I advise you to take the complete set.

I actually got both the NExT and the XSIID. Im going to get both implanted but start working with the XSIID to get familiar with things like business cards etc. and work up to the more challenging stuff like the locks and cars with the NExT. I also got the G3 for fun.

Is that what you mean when saying complete set?

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Appreciate the advice. I did speak to my wife and I’m going to use the professional artist, due to the same reasons you said above.

Mounting it under my desk is a great idea! I really like that. The only issue I need to think through is I have a few desks I work at, and also take my laptop to a lot of places. So something that could say on my computer at all times would be optimal but I’ll continue my research on that.

Like I said I’ll plug my wave nano in my wife’s macbook

I’ve seen some thug saying it’s Mac compatible and some not listing jt