New apex flex install: Fidesmo won't connect and everything is greyed out in Apex Manager

Even though I tried to enable debug logging in fidesmo, I don’t see any logs. In apex manager I tried to “export logcat” and it says “Logcat exported to documents folder” but I don’t see any files in the documents folder, only folders for other stuff

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ok so… it appears that a batch of Apex have gone out without the final provisioning step… luckily this is easily fixed… it’s a bit unorthodox but easily fixable. Send me a DM and get yourself an Android phone you can load this on;

Go into settings and configure it like this;


Then send me a DM so we can coordinate the fix :slight_smile:


I have exactely the same issue.
Ininstalled the nfc readere mentioned above, but i cant find a way to DM you Amal :’-(

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New members can’t send DMs, but don’t worry, one of the mods will be by soon and will likely promote you so you can get it sorted


I sent them a DM so they can reply