New at this pls help

Hi i new and dont know whice one to order… what is the new and best one?

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Hi, welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Feel free to look around the Wiki category and the DT site to find more about the implants themselves.
Feel free to ask any questions here.
I can advise you further if you give me some more information.
What is your use case? Do you want payments, access systems, starting a car, identity verification?
Probably the most often implanted one is the dual technology NeXT (with a HF NFC component and a T5577 LF emulator chip).


Hi thank you…like i say i new and wanna try the first step of this… my goal is to copy my work badge entry to it… and use for payments like visa amd stuff what sould i order ?

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Firstly, what kind of work badge is it? Is it a card, fob, something similar? Do you know if it’s high frequency or low frequency? Would you be so kind as to provide a photograph of the readers you use at work? Also, please try scanning the badge with the NXP TagInfo app and tell me about the results. If there is a read, it is a HF card.

The implants are generally divided into two major categories: high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF). HF systems are often used in public transport, NFC, and sometimes access systems. They can generally be read using your phones reader. LF cards are very common in access systems, and need a special device (like an ACRU122U or aProxmark3 Easy or similar) to read/write to them.

There are also generally two common implant form factors: x-series (glass, pill-shaped, 3x20-ish mm cylinder), that are installed via an injector and flex (7mm x 28mm x 0.5 mm) , which are larger, made from polymer and installed either using a 4g piercing needle or a scalpel and dermal elevator, but offer an improved performance.

Unfortunately, there is no single implant that can do everything. You would probably need at least 2 for what you are trying to do - one for the access systems (depending on the ones your work uses, we will have to find that out first) and a payment implant (if you are in the EU, I would recommend checking out Walletmor which is affiliated with DT; in the US, AFAIK the most streightforward is the Purewrist payment conversion)

@Pilgrimsmaster this may be a hector

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This was scan with my iphone with nxp on my work badge what implent sould i buy?


i will eat my hat if you can get an acr122u to work with an lf tag :rofl: :heart:

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Damn you are right :sweat_smile: will edit. Don’t know why I had that in my head

Bad news: it’s a Mifare Desfire EV2. It’s pretty much unclonable for you and me. You have two options: if you have access to the administrator and if he is willing to enroll the implant in the system (if the system supports that), you could implant the xDF2 or flexDF2 and have them enroll it. The only other option is a conversion (you send the card/fob/whatever to DT and they turn it into an implant for you). You would need to talk about that with DT directly though.

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I believe that depending on the reader being used, it can also be possible to get away with an HF implant with a changeable UID, but the reader has to be set to only use the UID, not any of the security functions of the Desfire. So it is possible you have a few options, it’s just not looking great so far

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That is assuming they actually use the secure features.

You’d be surprised how many places have DF setups and they only account for UID.

You might want to have a chat with your job’s IT/Security department to see what can be enrolled into the system, or try with a regular card/fob clone as an initial test.

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Would a magic mifare would for this if it’s just Uid? It’s a fairly different chip, but it’s 13.56 and has a uid

If it is UID only, the magic ntag should in theory work since it has a changeable 7 byte UID and is HF, yes

Is there a source for a magic ntag in a card form?
I know I know it’s kinda blasphemy, but I could see a use case in card form

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Yes, KSEC has them. They are extremely expensive. 32 GBP (37.4 EUR, 44.43 USD) apiece


Hrm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I wouldn’t mind paying the price… and this is going to sound weird… but I’d prefer the card to not have graphics @KaiCastledine is that possible?

Isn’t that the whole damn point? :sweat_smile:

I mean… I bet if Ksec sold the same card in a “printer-friendly” sheet, they could charge double!! :rofl:

First request as they’re one of the reasons they’re popular but I can see if we have some of those in stock without already being labelled.

How many do you need ?

We’re working on getting these reduced now we have a new supplier.

I would wait until Friday as it’s due immediately. This was one benefit of us becoming proxgrind/proxmarks UK distributor

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The cards have stickers on one side so the one side is by default :wink: