New biohacking member

Hello all!

Got my first NExT installed yesterday at the local doctor.
successfully scanned it with my phone, hooray!

Really excited :smiley:
waiting on some readers i ordered online to control my garage door with the implant.



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What he said! :arrow_up:

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They/Them :wink:


Congratulations!, Welcome to the club!


welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Welcome, new implantee/member :grin::+1:

Enhorabona :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks all for the warm welcome.

Currently struggling with getting the ID-20 to read my LF side of the tag correctly :exploding_head:

Have you used the Field detector chips/keychains to find the sweet spot on the reader?

Ye, lights up very bright. I do get a read if I put the reader in wiegand26 mode. But gives error verification failed. In ASCII mode i get no read at all.

I suppose i need to program the implant to match the wiegand26 format?

Naa that is a line protocol not an RF protocol. The reader can read data from the chip in any method or protocol supported but it will truncate any extra data from the ID and just send 26 bits of the ID data read over the wire to the controller.

PS weigand fucking sucks

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True, but only get some read with wiegand. Not with the ASCII way. Lemme get the datasheet :slight_smile:

That’s typically an issue with the reader / controller configuration. The chip itself is just data, and all data is just binary… there is not ascii or weigand … all digital days everywhere is binary… how it’s conveyed or represented is subject to the system and how it processes it… so if the chip can communicate it’s binary data to the reader successfully then everything else is beyond chip config and up to reader / controller config

Allright thanks!, i ll get to it this weekend interfacing it with arduino. :thinking:

Yeah so the reader can read the xEM or LF side of the NExT without issue… it’s set in EM mode by default. The ASCII output mode should work best for you with arduino

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couldn’t wait till the weekend :sweat_smile:

fiddled around a bit more this night, with a decent setup this time to test. (not just random wires soldered) :wink:

works excellent, 2cm read range easily!
thanks for the clarification btw @amal!!