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Hi all!! So I’ve finally taken the leap and ordered my NExT. I have a few possible ideas for projects to do with it, but I’m not sure where to start and I am definitely worried about bricking it.

Possible projects I’m interested in include: logging into websites without typing passwords, getting into buildings without scanning my keycard, being able to run around in my Prius with the keys literally in my hand. I have no clue where to even begin with these projects, though. I’ve had a computer scientist friend take a look at the Proxmark 3 code and see if they could help me with it, but they basically said the code was so poorly optimized that it bothered them to look at it haha!

So, yeah, I am suuuper excited to begin this whole journey, but I need some help. Thank you in advance!

If it’s your own website you probably can, but it would be easier with a spark2.

Depends on what type of chip your building uses, there are threads on this forum about this. Here

Not exactly sure what you mean but starting a car with a chip has been done before, you will have to modify it yourself.

I don’t think you need an proxmark for your NExT, all of the above can be done with a basic reader or a phone I believe. A good first step would be to read a tag with an arduino or similar and an NFC reader :wink: It is unlikely you will brick a NExT if you stick to the standard android apps so feel free to play around.
Paul Walsh on the facebook DT group has made a reader that might work for your car.
Good luck!

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I got the NExT and Spark bundle, so sweet, that works!

Yeah, my prius is keyless- as in it’s just a keyfob. So starting, and unlocking my car with just a chip in my hand would be amazing. I’ll look into Paul Walsh on the facebook group- Thank you!!

I’m sure you won’t be able to copy the fob but you can probably replace the reader altogether, with a bit of reverse engineering

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Basically you set up a reader to toggle the battery connection in the keyfob… scan chip, fob gets power… start car etc… scan again, fob loses power… like you walked away. Simple.


Another option for the car starting is pn532 rfid reader + arduino + a handfull of relays.
This method may be harder actually with a keyless system because you need to find the wiring of that keyless system but this is the method I used on my keyed car. The only reason I haven’t made a dedicated post yet is because I just recently finished it and haven’t put it in my car yet. It’s also still kinda cold and I want a nice day to sit out there rewiring stuff.

Here’s the github I made for it:


I am not sure of the Compatibility with your car system, but this is definitely worth checking out.
A great project post by @turbo2ltr

I’m also looking forward to seeing @MTFT s project :arrow_double_up:

Now if you would kindly excuse me, I’m off to check out his GIT for a sneak peek.

I just checked out MTFTs project and video , it looks awesome.

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Welcome! Please tell your friend they’re more than welcome to help hahaha! For serious though, if they’re interested tell them to reach out to Iceman at the RFID forums, I don’t know the url, but someone here can drop it below. Yeah, MTFT did a damn good job on his car, good example to follow!

Would an RFID Discord Invite work for you?

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