New Guy Trying To Figure Out The Process

As the title states, I’m new to this so bear with me. I’m looking to get an implant put in my hand that will allow me to do wireless payment, unlock my computer , doors and probably most tricky, unlock my Tesla Model S.

I’m not sure if all this is possible with one implant or if I’ll need several. Tips, advice and suggestions are all welcome.

You want the VivoKey Apex.
It will be released soon, you’ll be able to load the Not A Keycard applet for your tesla.
Unlocking your computer is also easy, you’ll find guides for fidesmo cards.
Payment is a thing… the apex could do it… but mastercard doesn’t allow that… yet.
Read more here VivoKey Apex update.
Until that is solved (maybe in some years) you can convert payment chips that expire to an implant.
My payment implant expires in 4 years, I hope Mastercard allows payments via the apex then.

You could get a PAY and NExT to unlock computer and doors and pay. Or you wait.

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The link for the Tesla applet, I know it works for Model 3’s but will it work for a Model S? I believe they operate differently.

Also when you say “convert payment chips that expire to an implant” what exactly do you mean, how does that work? Can you provide me a bit more background as to how this works? Thanks.

Oh sorry, idk.

So, I ordered a VIMPayGO. That is a little micro mastercard you normally use as keychain thing to pay.

It’s basically a usual prepaid credit card, but small enough for an implant.
It has an expiry of 4.5 years, so I’ll take it out in some years.
I sent my vimpaygo to DT and recieved this:
The service link I shared above explains everything in more detail, or you can look at my thread if you wanna see the process.

Or you can just read this awesome thread which has even more detail and will give you all the info you need:

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If I decide I just want to do payments and unlock doors and my computer, is your recommendation still the same, waiting for the Apex, or is there something else you recommend?

Do you want to wait? I didn’t and also just wanted payments + unlocking doors and computer.
I have a payment conversion and a NExT.
The NExT has 2 chips, I use the LF (low frequency) side for my work badge and the HF side and a KBR1 for PC login. Once I bought locks I can use the HF side for my door and bike aswell.

Only the model 3 uses a javacard applet in the valet card… so far… the S is older and uses an automotive “standard” 40 bit challenge response LF transponder

But that can’t be cloned onto an xEM because it’s actively broadcasting an RF signal, not passively verifying like with RFID right?

no that’s not it… it’s passive… Texas Instruments makes these typically… they have a challenge/response mechanism similar to HITAG and while the ID can be cloned to a T5577 (like a hitag), the secure functions cannot, even if you have the crypto key.

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