New here need help 😁

Hi evreyone,
I’m kinda new to all of this but I know the existence for long time. long story short, here in Quebec, Canada the vaccine for covid is soon “compulsory” if you want to go to the restaurant. you get a QR code for the proof you get vaccine. I start my research how this can be usefull for me to just scan my hand and they get the QR code.
But my primary use going to be able to pay with the chip but it seems vague about this.
Any tip for wich one to chose? With LED would be great to flex in party :joy:

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For the covid thing it has been discussed and done here:

For the payment there’s walletmor .
Not sure if you can get it in canada though. If not you might need to ask for a conversion of an existing card.
And for the led sadly there isn’t one on the walletmor but you can get one separately (xled).

Also welcome!


That is a good thing in my opinion.

This is relying on THEM to have a reader to produce a QR that they can scan.

You could look at waht @Azflyer suggested, if that doesnt work for you

Alternatively you could look at a redirect to a webpage, using a link in an NDEF message.


one of these

You could just have the QR code saved on your phone, or I assume and app for Covid tracing? You are really just adding in a cool factor with an implant.
If it is an App you could also use you implant to open the app…


Unfortunately there aren’t really any local options for payment conversion implants in Canada. I’ve been keeping an eye out for any potentially convertible cards or wristbands etc, but things are weird here. There were a lot of pilot programs for payment wearables around 2014, then everything just disappeared.

There’s a potential new avenue with some contactless cards that I know @Satur9 (and a few other people?) is looking into and that’s gonna take time, but otherwise us Canoodles are gonna have to wait or be charged an arm and a leg for US-based things.

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I did this,just a picture, (shittier alignment then the non redacted version) and a private Google drive link

The previous discussion involved wanting it truely “local” so internet wasn’t needed…
I took the stance of, I can’t imagine a location that is going to DEMAND to see my papers, that is out of cellphone coverage

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