New user! what do y’all recommend?

howdy! i had my spark 2 implant installed today, and im wondering what experienced users recommend i do next! id love to use my chip to unlock my car & house! what systems have y’all found that you enjoy? what else do you like to use your implant for?

Welcome to the club!

Not sure why you ask. You said it yourself :slight_smile:

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More seriously, I use mine mainly to log into computers, get into my house, get into the building at work, get into my locker and share contact information. You can also start your car with it. That’s the main uses for RFID implants usually.

And of course, if you’re technically inclined, you can have good fun goofing around with custom interfaces for your implant, or slighty more useless things - like here for instance, my pathetic attempt at RFID music :wink:


thanks, rosco! havent seen anyone else make music with one! thats so dope! my dog went absolutely apeshit, but i enjoyed it haha

Welcome! Glad to have you here.
Of course, the best answer is to get more! (Just ask @Vicarious!)
On a more serious note, I’d encourage you to join the Vivokey app if you haven’t already. There is also Vivokey authentication for the forum! Some people also add a contact card or url to their tag to share.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask! And again, welcome!


DT and VK

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if youre looking for compatible systems for things like houses and the spark 2 you’re best looking at this

scroll over to spark2 and look at what has already been tested :}

welcome to the cyborg community!!!


unfortunately i have an iphone, and the vivokey ios app isnt out yet! following the dev updates, hoping for release later this month.

ive been thinking about making the switch to android, but i just got my phone this year so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to upgrade yet.

do i need to protect my chip in some way before i put the pin on it in the vivokey app? i do wonder how vulnerable it is right now…

I would say the vulnerability is virtually non existent.

You don’t have any info on it at the moment; plus
Somebody would need to have a Vivokey App and get access to your implant and put their own pin and info on it…but for what purpose.
Without the App the Spark not usable, without Spark the App is not usable.

Sounds like a Dom - Sub scenario

okay that makes sense haha.
thank you for the response!

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Rosco is quite the tinker person with Rfid, when he got his Blinkies implant he started making morse code with it.