New workplace is annoying

Today is my first day in my new workplace. They give out EM4xxx tags to access the building (at least I’m fairly sure they’re EMs, I haven’t read one with my reader yet).

I asked the lady in charge of the security system if she could scan my hand instead of one of her tags, to register my implant in their system instead, but she says no can do. I asked why, and she answered that the system can only use “approved” tags. I tried to explain the hows and whys, but I did not get very far: either the tag comes out of her magic box, or I can get stuffed.

Soo… I’ll be looking at implanting a RFID tag that I can reprogram the UID of soon - and possibly the protocol too. I suppose I’m looking at getting a xEM or a xHT chip from DT, depending on what I find on the magic approved company tag. Correct? Anything else I should know or get to clone the tag successfully?

If you are sure this is EM4xxx (125 kHz) then Atmel T5577 chip is enough for you. They are listed as xEM and NExT here. NExT is actually a two-in-one (xNT + xEM) and I suggest it because you get additional features on NFC frequency :slight_smile: If you already have a 13.56 MHz tag in the same place (like xNT), I suggest xEM because two NFC chips will interfere.


Totally agree with @koteeq, just from my own experience, I use my NExT for access to
my workplace which operates on LF but has dual frequency capable readers. Most of them have LF only activated, but the ones with HF also caused me grief (denied access on HF reads) until I learnt the orientation of my NExT under my skin, so I would present the LF end to the reader first.
I :heart: my NExT, but I am getting a dedicated xEM for work for this reason.

Unless you are in a hurry to start buying things, just start by getting your ducks lined up
:duck: :duck: :duck: :gun: :duck:
If I was in your situation I would use a RFID diagnostic card
xField Detector
to learn what I could about my system Frequencies, search for clues :mag_right: written on the card and access readers then get on the interwebs to research including On the forum to see if anyone else has the same access system.

Now I dont know this for a fact, but for me at least, it seems to be, if I shine a :flashlight: behind a card, if the antenna is circle it has been a LF card, if a rectangle it has been a HF.
Maybe give it a try, you have got nothing to lose and it might just help confirm what you already suspect.

Hopefully and probably yours will be a single frequency reader.
I would still personally recommend the NExT, because,why wouldn’t you; a two-for-one device for just a little money and free postage!!!

Well, it looks like a HID Indala.

Not that I’ve read it, because my new workplace is in another country and I didn’t bring all my hardware with me yet. But apparently they’ve been recycling tags from one employee to the next for many years, and there’s a very faded, almost unreadable lettering on the tag that I barely make out as “I??ALA” on one side and “*ID” on the other side.

When I looked it up, I found this page, which shows almost exactly the same tag. It’s one of these guys:

On top of that, the readers at work look almost exactly like these:

So, yeah, probably HID Indala. Never heard of those before…

Looks like the xEM can emulate those. My plan is to get a ProxMark reader (I need to do get me one anyway) and 2 xEMs, program one out of the syringe and see if it functions properly as a clone of the magic tag they gave me at work. Then if it does, I’ll implant the other.

I’ll probably do that a bit later though, as I first need to finish my move here and get settled. And that’s no small feat, as I don’t speak the language of the country I’m moving to very well, so I need to concentrate on learning it before getting distracted with other things.

That’s the great thing with standards: there’s so many to choose from :slight_smile:

You COULD buy 2 xEM or you SHOULD just buy 1 xEM (I Still reccomend the NExT) and just grab a cheap card off, amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc. to test/ practice on.
My Proxmark actually came with a T5577 card…

HERE is a very helpful guide @TomHarkness answered somebody in a similar situation.
and hopefully THIS wiki is of some use to you.

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Thanks! When I have time to play with this, I should have all the information I need.

Oh yeah, and I’m not getting the NExT. I already have a Mifare Classic in the hand I intend to implant the xEM in. Also, I like to keep things separate, because I have a dual-frequency reader at home, and I don’t need the aggravation of 2 chips talking to it at once.

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Good call!
I hope your move and new job goes well.

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