Newbie and a know-nothing

Hi All! I have been aware of LED and magnet implants for a few years and recently saw a few articles and quick videos about RFID implants. When I saw there was a “useful” (subjective!) application for these implants I instantly wanted one and have set about my research.

The only issue is I am about as un-techy as they come, my go-to fix when my computer misbehaves is to turn it off and on again, the only langue I speak is English, and I once in 5th grade broke a computer with a usb drive. Even my computer teacher couldn’t figure out how I managed such a feat!

My question is: am I cut out for this? And how can I get up to speed?

My implant goals are: unlocking house and car and storing some contact info or something like that. I’m interested in the NEXT chip as well as the LED chips (one chip/hand?)

Are these chips compatible with my goals and how difficult is setup/programming? I have already found a safe person for the procedure itself!

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That really comes down to

What equipment you want to use to do that.
But generally speaking, The NExT is a good choice for “Unlocking things” not as good as a flex type implant, but it will do the job.
Check out this for some compatiable locks that you might want to consider

The Next is also capable of

Which LED implant are you going to get?
xLED ( HF or LF )?

It is easy to add contact details
As you will own the locks, you will just enroll them, so that part is also easy.

Perfect, It sounds like you are almost ready to order…

Any questions, just ask

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Thank you for the info! I think the xSIID is the LED chip I’m more interested in. Can I store something like my boarding pass on either the NExT or xSIID? I like the flex line but I’m not as sure about the implant process. Does it need to be done in a medical office?

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Honestly, just wanting to learn about this in general is a wonderful step forward to getting better knowledge for this type of subject. Being inquisitive about stuff that you’re interested in, even slightly, is better than not asking at all. I’d definitely recommend sticking around the forums and using search functions to find answers to questions you might have as needed. Keep it up mate :two_hearts: