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Hi, I’m very new to all this and just have a quick question about the NEXT implant. I was wondering since it has a NFC side and a RFID side am I able to programme each side independently or am I only able to have use of one side at a time.

Sorry if it seems like a stupid question, but I’m just wondering


It’s two independent chips, you can use both simultaneously

And you aren’t the first person to ask :classic_tongue:

Also, welcome!


Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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What’s more, when you know your way around you can program each of the two chips to do different things, depending on the circumstance, so it’s two independent chips, each of which can perform several different functions.
The NExT is an excellent general purpose chip and a good choice for someone starting out. The HF side can be programmed using any recent smart phone, so you can get started immediately. You can do a lot just using that chip.
Then, if you get into it, the LF side gives you room to explore the field. It requires a little more investment but takes you to an intermediate level and adds more possibilities, including quite a few access systems.


Just FYI

We all know what you mean, but to be more accurate

you’re also not the first to use these terms like that.

If you have an actual reason to ask, fire away.
Are you asking about a form of 2fa, whereby you could have a multiclass reader, and use it to unlock your computer, First swipe the LF side then the HF…viola, you’re in

Here’s an example

Here’s a simple mod of a different reader form factor reader

Or do you have another use case question?

and indeed welcome.