NExT and xMagic issues and questions

My NExT was installed in R0 by a piercer who had been shown how but was pretty nervous. He put it pretty deep and it only reads from the top side of my hand. I have a lot of flesh there but I can’t even feel it.

I’m thinking about getting an xMagic and trying to decide where to put it. Can it be put somewhere that it can be read from the palm side? Maybe it’s because I’m short that it’s not easy to touch the top of my hand to a reader at 48".

Great implant
Great choice

I would first reccomend L0
But ask your installer to go shallow

heres some reference meterial for you and your installer

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

As you have asked for alternatives, you have a number of choices.

The back of the hand is generally quite thin skinned and easily presented to a reader.
Just be aware of veins and tendons during installation.
I would reccomend (but not essential) you look for a natural concave site when fingers are splayed and flattens out with closed fist.

I have some and they work well there.

The anatomical snuff box is also very good.
I have one in each and also work well.
make sure you and your piercer are both comfortable with an installation in that location

Also i would doubt there would be any form of Warranty on breakages

Some reference material (sounds like you are already aware)

More ideas

hope that helps

A stupid question here
Can i use an t5557 to an em4100 reader
The device use the em4100 tags and would to add an t5557 tag to it i don’t have the device yet so i cant tried it mezelf maybe someone else dit this or know if this works

Looks like the T5577 does support emulating an EM4100: (just some quick results from DDG)

proxmark3/ at master · RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3 · GitHub (doesn’t explicitly say how to clone it but does reference some caveats if you’re getting into the really low levels)


Yes you can :+1:

T5577 are amazing hardware! You can emulate just about any LF system with 1 single chip :exploding_head:

Proxmark and flipper work great for programming, I’ve heard some people get issues with some blue clonners, but I have no dirrect experience with them.

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Good news!

Flipper now does T5577 password removal
(seen, but not tested myself)

RFID - Extra Actions - Clear T5577 Password

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Daaaammm !!!
I’ll try it tonight and report back (if I figured out how put a password on it with the PM3 :sweat_smile:)

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