NExT but as flex

Hi, is there any flex implant that is similar to NExT? Should I then buy flexEM and flexNT separately?


That is an option to get the same functionality

There was a FlexNExT option, Heres some more info on it

flexNT is pretty decent, but when you get a flexie already, you may wanna get a flexDF2 for more NDEF space (with a little more setup).

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I concur.
I have a FlexNT, it is a great lil’ performer, and does what I want it to very well.
The only negative, is my own fault; It was installed with a custom needle, and the hole was slightly to small, so I needed a scalpel at the opening to make it slightly larger.

But as Yeka syggested, go for the FlexDF2, with hindsight that’s what I should have gone with, although, I think the antenna performance maybe better on the NT, but I don’t (currently) have the DF to compare it to.

“Most” people use the FlexDF2 for NDEF storage, but it is a far more capable chip that that… if you are willing to learn.

I see a FlexDF2 in my near future


Thank you very much for your reply. I will buy then if it is a future proof approach. I still need a t5577 chip so i will buy flexem t5577. But i need your help because i am not quite sure about the place. Below i have marked where i would like to place them. What do you guys think about this?

Looks decent. Your installer will look at your body for the fine details, but in general these are 2 good positions. Might wanna move the flexEM just slightly to the left, because it’s much easier to get a read from wall mounted readers then (you can’t twist that part of the arm very far).


Thank you! I still need to read up on flexDF2 because there are many things I don’t know. I also have high hopes that the power of these chips will be much higher than x-series

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Echo chamber, I agree with Yeka, Im just jumping in to add this link for your consumption