NeXT implant migration

So, I got an NeXT implanted on Monday afternoon (it’s currently Friday afternoon for those in different timezones to me) and despite trying really hard to not to jab at my implant or hit it against anything it seems to have migrated quite a lot…

I’m not sure if the placement is a concern or just inconvenient, and if it’ll shift back over the next few days on its own, or if I should intervene somehow? It may be too late for intervention I’m not sure?

Advice would be appreciated, for reference the red triangle is roughly where the bones are, the green line is where initial implantation was, and the yellow line is roughly where I think it’s sits currently (I don’t want to jab around and confirm if at all possible)

Thanks in advance!!

I am no expert but it doesn’t look too bad to me.

Based on my own hand I suspect it has moved due to the edge of the muscle below it. The angle would also be due to that as muscles don’t always make straight lines.

I actually have questions about muscles and placement as I seem to have more developed muscles around my thumbs than many photos I have seen on here.

This is my hand laying on the arm of my chair. Hopefully this gives a good idea of the lump that I would be working with. Yes, that is an indent between the thumb muscle and the knuckle on the index finger, caused by the size of the lump.

My NeXT did almost the exact same thing, but its been stable ever since.

My advice, let it settle cause it’s gonna do it anyway. Once it’s in it’s “Happy Place” it should give you no more trouble.

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Ah okay, has it settled down entirely for you now?

My concern is I’m having slight pins and needles feelings in my thumb and forefinger, but I can’t tell if that’s 1) psychosomatic (common for me), 2) just standard healing from the trauma of implantation or 3) the implant squeezing something it shouldn’t

My worry is it’s 3 and I should be doing something about it, although, I do love to stress about minor things :man_shrugging:

Have you had any trouble like this with yours? If so, was it transient or still persists?

I have no implants yet. But looking at your photograph that is my guess, the normal movement of your thumb is causing the muscle to gently push the implant into a place where it will rest with minimal movement.

Ah - Sorry it’s been a long week and I didn’t read properly!

Any chance of it pinching something do you think?

Mine felt weird when it first broke free, but was totally sensationalist after that.

Relax, give it some time and it should be fine.

Awesome thanks! I needed a bit of reassurance I think :joy:

Can I ask the “weirdness” you felt out of curiosity?

Achey pain. Kind of a bruised feeling.

Of course I just kept poking at it, so that didn’t help at all.

swelling can put pressure on nerves and cause impaired function like tingling … that is a thing that can happen … not saying this is what is happening, but swelling can cause temporary nerve problems like this.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense if that’s the case…

I guess if swelling goes down in the next week or so but the feeling remains I’ll know to look into it further?

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sounds like a solid plan in my book

Alright Mr Muscly thumbs :+1:t3: No need to brag…

Your skin just needs to be elastic enough for you to tent, it should sit comfortably ontop of the muscle.

Here’s mine as an example
Similar, but just not as " Schwarzenegger " as yours :wink:

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Ok, I can tent my skin, so it should be good.

It’s a medical condition… :laughing:

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