NEXT implant orientation

Hi! Ive had my next implant for over a month now and had some questions on getting it to read on readers and some questions about the implant orientation.

Ive successfully cloned a few cards onto the LF side with my proxmark rdv4 and am able to read them on both my proxmark and flipper devices. However out of three different systems ive tried, ive only ever gotten one of the systems to work. With the other two machines, its able to beep and pick up the card but does not unlock. Im guessing that it didnt get a good read. When i clone the same cards to a t5577, the readers are able to pick up the signal and unlock.

My question I have is, which side of the Next implant has the the LF chip? Is it the needle tip side or the opposite? Im wondering if the direction of how I move my hand over the reader matters

I am pretty sure on mine the needle tip was the LF end.

You should be able to work it out if you position your phone over the implant and try to read it. Move the phone towards the implant from either end. It should read the HF end.


Hi and welcome!
My NExT was LF towards the needle tip. As far as the reading issues, I’m not sure. I haven’t played around with too many.

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Using your Proxmark3 and lf tune/hf tune (add --mix for a nice bar graph too), you should be able to see a voltage drop when the corresponding antenna is drawing power and work out a little better where the antennas are and the best place to position and antenna.

Edit: Your order should also have come with an HF and LF Field Detector. You can use these as you would your implant to find the sweet spot on any given reader. When you find where the Field Detector lights up brightest, place your implant in the same place as the chip you see in the keychain.

Note, the Field Detectors don’t work with every reader and sometimes won’t light up where an implant would work just fine, so YMMV. Still a good tool to try nonetheless. Sometimes you can use the Diagnostic Card to get an idea where the antennas coil is on a reader as well. Not as precise as a Field Detector though.


Some great advice above, I would add, if you have the ability to open the cover for the reader, or share a photo/ make / model of the reader, somebody here may have some experience with that particular reader.

As far as what you have experienced so far, to me, it sounds like a coupling / read range issue, that you may be able to refine / improve with a couple of tweaks.

As mentioned above, the xFD with help you picture where the antenna is, and you can use that to your advantage.

The one you are getting a beep on, have you tried moving slowly, with a swiping action across the face