NExT removal (North England/Scotland)

Afternoon folks,

I was looking for some advice around the removal of the NExT. I have had it in place since around May 2021, and it’s been great - however unfortunately it’s migrated to a really awkward position over time (towards where the first and second metacarpal “join”, closer to the second metacarpal, almost on top of it).

The consequence of this is it no longer scans that great, requiring loads of hand acrobatics to get a reader to pick it up, and it can also cause a little bit of discomfort in my hand occasionally. It’s causing a little bit of distress because of the discomfort (although I’m mentally not doing great at the moment, so it’s more this exacerbates that rather than causes it)

All in all, I’ve decided the right thing for me right now to get it removed - and I was looking for who can remove it in the North of England or Lowland/Central Belt Scotland. I’ve tried the piercing place that initially installed it, and they weren’t keen due to lack of experience with the removals, and wherever I look no one seems able to provide much help apart from the private hospitals that want £2500+ to remove them.

Does anyone have suggestions? I’d rather not use my GP or the NHS because I don’t want to put pressure on an already strained system, but I would prefer someone with a degree of medical experience - my understanding is the location it’s in is fairly full of nerve endings and blood vessels, so I would rather whoever is doing it is confident in removal and has done a few before if possible

Thanks in advance!

Removal is pretty trivial

I have had 3 xSeries removed, easy peasy.

Yours may be a little more tricky from the sound of it.
Can you share a video of the location with you poking at the ends of it (want to see if it protrudes when you poke it)

Good on you, very considerate.

These guys should be able to help you out, and hopefully relocate it for you

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Apologies in advance if my formatting is crap - I haven’t used this site before and who knows how it’s going to go

Here is a video of the tag - I can push it a tiny bit more, but with how I was balancing the camera it was pretty tricky to capture… There’s definitely some movement but I don’t know if it’s enough?

I did consider trying to remove myself, or going to someone less qualified for removal - but I’m a bit iffy about it because should something go wrong, again I’m going to be causing mayhem for the NHS as well as risk damage… Ideally I’d like to find someone who knows what they’re doing and have had practice - and I’d happily travel a bit for that!

I’ve tried contacting a few of the centres and heard nothing back - I’m not sure which ones of them have experience removing them either so unless I contact every single centre, one by one then I might struggle!

@KaiCastledine do you have a suggestion on which ones to try with removal experience?

My bad if that wasn’t clear, I meant I had somebody else remove mine…
it was easy for them…and even easier for me, I just had to sit there

im in manchester and have done 20 implants on myself, 16 on others and 4 removals. :slight_smile: I don’t charge because I don’t have a studio but I have quite the of experience.

ramsbottom (town in the north) has a wonderful installer called angelfacejewlery it may be worth asking her if she would be willing to remove it for you.


Try calling them instead of email, tends to be the best method.

Please let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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