Next tag LF issue

Hi my new NEXT implant tag identifies as a Indala on the proxmark3, how do i clone a em410x fob on it.

[usb] pm3 → lf search

[=] NOTE: some demods output possible binary
[=] if it finds something that looks like a tag
[=] False Positives ARE possible
[=] Checking for known tags…
[!] Specify one authentication mode
[=] Odd size, false positive?
[+] Indala (len 195) Raw: 7ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffdffefffffff
[+] Valid Indala ID found!
[=] Couldn’t identify a chipset

have tired all the following commands with no satisfactory result,It also does not show itself as a t55xx chip on running lf search or lf t55xx detect

lf em 410x clone --id 57002F17DE
lf hid clone -r 57002F17DE

the first command worked on proxmark3 earlier to clone the fob on a t55xx card.

any help appreciated, dont want to take risk bricking the Next.
HF worked after a few initial write protection snags

NB : Amal i have also shared the command dump over email if you can check.


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Nah, its just mentally confused.

Generally an indala reading is just noise of a poorly coupled LF T5577 chip on the PM3.

Is your implant relatively fresh? fewer than 2 weeks installed?

If longer than that, then you may not have your positioning just right.

Do an lf tune place your NExT perpendicular to the antenna and where the voltage drop is the lowest, THAT is where you want to try an lf search
When it reads, you should get an EM410x read.

then do your

lf em 410x clone --id 57002F17DE

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These may help you out also

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Pilgrimsmaster thanks a ton on your sharp observations

  1. Yes 2 days old :sweat_smile:
  2. Yes it looks to be a bit under so positional contact is a concern.
    Will check after a week and reposition using a N52 if it yealds enough



Yes tried that even with the delay its a bit of a juggle to hold the proxmark. Thinking of building a hand mold coil jig on the 3d printer using flex TPU

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or 2…

Anything less than 2 weeks can be a little hit or miss.

Yeah, it can be, but you’ll get better at it the more you do it.

Another handy tip is just run all your commands you are going to need, forgetting about your fob or implant, then you simply have to use your up arrow :arrow_up_small: to find the command then ENTER using one finger.
it makes staying lined up in position much easier

That sounds interesting.
Feel free to share here

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Thanks for the tip of batching commands, will paste in on a notepad and Ctrl C V it to avoid typing and juggling the proxmark.


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