NFC Cloning Question

Hello all!
I’ve actually had my FlexNT for 4…5 years now, and I could have swore I had a login here, but I seem to have misplaced it. While I delve into the depths of my old email accounts, I have a question.

As stated I have a FlexNT in my left hand, and it works great. I was looking to copy my new apartments tag onto it, and I dusted off my proxmark3 and pulled the information out of it. Its a 4 byte UID tag, which I was able to clone onto a magictag I had laying around.

Now, I obviously would love to clone this onto my hand, but since the one in my hand is 7 byte, I want to know if this is even in the realm of possiblilties. I tried googling the question but its a tough one to look up. I figured I would ask the experts, hence my post.

Let me know if I am moving in the right direction or if I am completely off the mark.


From my understanding no it isn’t possible since the NT is not UID changeable.

I was afraid as much. I guess we will see if anyone else happens to have a work around, but I was also thinking it might be time to upgrade / replace. The new chips that have come our lately are much more capable than they once were.

I guess my next question will be if anyone has replaced a chip in the same pocket.



It’s perfectly fine provided the pocket is larger or the same size as the new implant. Since it seems you’ll need a flexM1 to clone your UID and it’s considerably longer than the flexNT, you’ll need to have the pocket enlarged.

Quite frankly if I were you I’d leave the flexNT alone. It’s implanted, it works great, keep it around for something else. Just install the new implant elsewhere: you’ll need a brand new pocket, but it won’t be much gorier than enlarging the old one.

Also, the flexNT (old style) is getting deprecated, but its form factor is rather unique, and it has a rather well-proven track record of longevity. I’d say it’s worth keeping for those reasons as well.


Sounds like you need a Spark 2 or Apex


Have you, or could you approach the apartment manager to see if you can enroll your your FlexNT?

It will depend on the system, and it sounds like they issue a Mifare Classic cards, but there still may be a chance your FlexNT is still compatiable.

@Rosco Thanks for the link. Yeah I would much rather keep mine, since it does work, and there is no reason to take it out. My only real reason for looking at a swap is because I have limited real-estate on my hands. I work in construction, so I already abuse my hands more than is probably good since I have one in the side of my left hand. Knuckles are off limits because I tend to punch things, and being right handed, I end up hitting the side of my right hand on things all the time.

@Pilgrimsmaster I have not. Its one of those large corporate places, so I somehow doubt unless they happen to have someone way cooler than I expect working in the office. I will at some point though, can’t hurt right?