NFC Contacts, Profile Sharing, and Popl

@Pilgrimsmaster replied with a link, yours is already on there but if you have more options then please feel free.

I am not suggesting any option is better or worse, just listing possibilities for those who are looking for such services.

I am inclined to give the benefit of my doubts to Chris. It is advertising his service, but it is related to the discussion that was happening. He has engaged honestly as to why he feels this is a better option than popl. He is willing to discuss his service, so while it is a sales pitch, it isn’t typical spam.

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First of all I have nothing bad to say about popl or tappy or any company… I only used their name because thats what was used in the thread.
I am only saying what is true period.

Every one on this thread gave input and suggested a solution, it just so happens ( I think ) I am the only one that owns the company behind his or her suggestion.

Hey guys I am a person of conviction and I have noticed that when someone speaks with conviction it can also be seen as sales pitch or an attempt to persuade others.

I think you are all correct to wonder about me but trust me I am not spamming. I am an inventor who has what he believes solves a problem. When I hear or see an opportunity to help I do. I would offer to jump your car and use my jumping cables while at the same tI would tell you why I like them.

If I was the maker of that brand would that be spamming? Should I not offer to help you or tell you why my cables are the best on the market?

Oh I forgot to mention that in that scenario I noticed a burnt and torn cable on the grond next to your car.

I hope you get my point.

If you want me to share my list please tell me where to share it and thanks for adding qrpop.

If anyone has suggestions on how I can help people and not be seen as spam I would love to hear it.

P.s. if this is the conduct of people with chips I may consider getting one because I appreciate everyone’s civility.

Take care

I would love to know what company you created.

There is plenty of room in the sea.

Haha, very thorough and informative.

I personally don’t think it is either.
I think we are getting informed product knowledge straight from the horses mouth.
Some natural confirmation bias of course but it is from somebody passionate and believes in their product.

I asked for the comparison to POPL, and that’s what I got.

I think either product would do what we want, and now we have one more option to choose from…

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents


Fair enough

I don’t have any chips (yet) but I hang around here because of the attitude shown by everyone.

I have a serious hobbyist interest in security including RFID, which is why I ended up here.

As for your introductory post, I have seen more obviously spam posts, and until you replied I was mildly concerned it might be. It was however connected with the topic.

I really appreciate that you took the time to answer honest questions, and engage with us. That took it from possible Spam to man with an alternative solution (whether selling it or not is irrelevant, you have a solution).


Thank you for being so patient to see the truth about my intentions. I’m gonna hang around the site and see what I can learn. Plus I would love to see the various solutions to the original question as I do believe in time more people (not everyone) will want a chip. Thanks all.

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Is it possible to share a vCard or something with the xSIID? Till now no chance with nfc tools and an iPhone

Yes it is. Try formatting the chip as NDEF with TagWriter on an android phone, writing with the iPhone should be possible afterwards.

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Great thanks. Will give it a try

The issue is iPhones don’t recognize vCards over nfc

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Damn. Any chance to share the contact with an iPhone? But android can read it, right?

you can make it work on iphone by hosting the vcard file online and having the phone download it like such

that will automatically open an (example) contact card onto androids and iphones. you can achieve this by using google drive and creating a direct to download link to your file.

You can also use a service such as popl, which is what I use

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yeah paying for a service works too or you can use things like linktree or and host them there

Popl is free, you just add a /r to the end of the share url

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oh totally i more meant the physical shit you can buy from popl

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Sounds interesting with popl. Can you give me some tips how to setup.