NFC for electricians question


I’ve been looking into getting into the NFC chip for a very long time but I recently became an electrician apprentice. I’m planning on doing this for multiple years but I still want to get an NFC implant but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea due to the high voltages I will be working with. Would it be a good idea or a bad idea to continue with wanting to get a NFC chip


It would be a good idea. Any shock strong enough to damage the chip will probably take the rest of your hand with it… Leaving you with much greater problems than worrying about how to remove a fried tag.


You are a giant bag of salt water. A glass encased transponder device could withstand 100kV on it’s own, but surround it with salt water and it’s chances of survival get considerably better. The electrons that would be coursing through your body will have plenty of other, much easier paths to take through your salty wet bag of a conductor.


Somewhat related, but for the Flex or upcoming Vivokey series.

I do an Iontophoresis treatment on my hands once a week. 2 pans of water, one for each hand, and 24 volts across that. I’m assuming that unless the coating is knicked it’ll be fine, but what about over the long term? Nothing’s going to soften or warm up?


nope we’re all good… the dielectric strength of the material is huge and even if it wasn’t, your salty body juice is still a way better path for electrons to take than to try to mess with our polymer. :slight_smile: