NFC Microchip for Beginners

So im still kinda new to all this. I really want a nfc microchip but I dont really have anything planned out for it yet. Is there an nfc I can have implanted and rewrite as many times as id like before finding an actual function for it? Also not really tech savvy so I like the idea of only having to use the nfc app on my phone to control it.

Short answer YES
It really depends on what you want to do with it…
I’ll give you a couple of quick points and let you do some research to see what you want to achieve.
As you have worked out, NFC is what your phone uses which is a High Frequency (hf) @ 13.56 MHz
I would recommend you have a look at the product matrix and see if you can find any use case scenarios.
for work or home access, If not, you can still use them for a variety of things.

There are a few options but Tag Writer ( & Tag Info ) by NXP are quite popular for reading / writing as they are the manufacturers of the chips in the implants.
Play store Tag Writer

For your first implant, I would personally recommend the NExT, as it will do the above, it also has a Low-Frequency ( lf ) @ 125kHz Chip in it ( 2 in 1 ), which doubles your usability for just a little more $ than a single chip implant, plus if you buy a NExT and you live in the USA the postage is free.

Otherwise if you dont want The NExt, and until you find a specific use for a specific implant, my next reccomendation for you would be an xNT which is one half of the NExT above and will do as stated.

That should be enough to get you started.

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