NFC Microchip for Beginners

So im still kinda new to all this. I really want a nfc microchip but I dont really have anything planned out for it yet. Is there an nfc I can have implanted and rewrite as many times as id like before finding an actual function for it? Also not really tech savvy so I like the idea of only having to use the nfc app on my phone to control it.

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Short answer YES
It really depends on what you want to do with it…
I’ll give you a couple of quick points and let you do some research to see what you want to achieve.
As you have worked out, NFC is what your phone uses which is a High Frequency (hf) @ 13.56 MHz
I would recommend you have a look at the product matrix and see if you can find any use case scenarios.
for work or home access, If not, you can still use them for a variety of things.

There are a few options but Tag Writer ( & Tag Info ) by NXP are quite popular for reading / writing as they are the manufacturers of the chips in the implants.
Play store Tag Writer

For your first implant, I would personally recommend the NExT, as it will do the above, it also has a Low-Frequency ( lf ) @ 125kHz Chip in it ( 2 in 1 ), which doubles your usability for just a little more $ than a single chip implant, plus if you buy a NExT and you live in the USA the postage is free.

Otherwise if you dont want The NExt, and until you find a specific use for a specific implant, my next reccomendation for you would be an xNT which is one half of the NExT above and will do as stated.

That should be enough to get you started.


I personally can agree with that. I‘m new to the implants world but have chosen the NeXt as the first as well.
I‘m fascinated about the possibilities given. Now I think about what can I donor choose next. Think about the xDF2 because of more storage and capabilities. But interested in the Vivo Spark2 as well.


Hi community,
maybe someone can support with experience.
I‘ve a Next implant and think about the next which makes sense.
My thoughts:
xDF2 / flexDF2
Spark 2

My use cases:
Store data / health data
Open doors or some locks in general
Use it as access card
Unlock the pc with changing passwords
Access websites
Secure the Implant (private Mode That nothing will be Shared)
Pay at wending or coffee machines (not a must)


Everything else: yeah could work depending on the hardware (locks, vending machienes etc)

Like, if you get all of them.

all - Store data / health data
all * - Open doors or some locks in general
all * - Use it as access card
xM1 & KBR - Unlock the pc with changing passwords
Spark 2 - Access websites
idk what this is - Secure the Implant (private Mode That nothing will be Shared)
xM1, DF2 * - Pay at wending or coffee machines (not a must)

* depending on hardware

By securing the implant, he might be talking about how the spark allows you to “hide” the chip, so if someone scans it instead of taking them to your vivokey profile, it’ll just show nothing.

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Awesome thanks a lot.
What I mean by securing is that you can set a password and delete if you want to prevent access to the Implant and data. I‘m not sure which implant it was which you can set a private mode.

The spark can be used to write data to it like to a NeXT? AFAIK that’s not that easy as with the next like copy data from the phone (nfc tools app) to the implant.

The xDF2 has 8kb storage. AFAIK the most of all of them? Maybe the flex. version because of better reading range?

xM1 is the only which has a changeable ID which means you can use is for accessing the pc with changing password, right?

So I assume the perfect combination to fulfill most use cases would be
Spark2 - accessing websites, store data and identity stuff, potentially pay at wending machines
xDF2 - to store „a lot“ data like health information, vCard etc, potentially pay at wending machines
xM1 - accessing pc with changing passwords

I assume correctly? Of course depending on the Hardware. For that I think about the Wilka lock( maybe something more secure), KBR1 reader, a lock for my garage (which I have to find one)

I think that’s just an empty NDEF record, or more likely: the VivoKey URL redirecting to about:blank or smthn like that.

Yes. Yes.


flexM1 & flexDF2 are both good options.

Just wanted to make sure, if you buy those it’s no problem.

Tbh, I’d hold on with the Spark and wait for the Apex but that’s your thing. Also, more $$$ left for flexies.

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Personally, I would wait for the Apex Flex (available SOON ™) instead of the Spark and possibly skip the xM1. The Apex Flex would be able to do OTP which would be more secure than a UID that changes when you remember to reset it.

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Yeah the Apex as of what I’ve read would be great.
The use case of the xM1 is that at my company the password has to be changed all 60 days or so. If so and I use the ID of the implant I can‘t use it again because no chance or not allowed to use the last x ones. That would be only possible if you can change the ID of your implant, right?
Would the apex with OTP able to do that or can be used for it? Then the xM1 can be kicked off the list :slight_smile:

So I think then
Apex maybe flexibel
xDF2 (maybe flexible)

Anything I’ve missed?

No. It requires software changes which you likely are not allowed to do. You still want an apex for high security stuff, but not for that specific usecase.

Got it. That means for that use case only the xM1 will help?

Another question, can anyone tell me what exactly the xHT will be used for or better what can I do with that?

Now I need a Lock for my door of the house :wink:
I have seen the wilka 204 will work with the NeXT but someone told me it would be not secure there would be better solution. Any suggestions? I dońt want to cable a lot :wink: I cylinder would be great.

Thanks for support, that’s awesome!

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Yeah. Theoretically you could use a flexMN, but idk if you’re up for jumbo implants.

If you have a reader that needs an xHT, you need an xHT, otherwise you can ignore it.

I’m probably getting the X4Z from IAR, maybe the digiwell thing when there’s a discount.

Also you should get a payment implant :wink:

The X4Z is great but only un prepared Inch Ranges Luke 60/90 or so. That fit not for my door unfortunately.
If the xM1 and flexMT has the same or near same capabilities maybe the xM1 is the better choice.

Any good locks for the xDF2 I didn‘t found. Or the xDF2flex
For payment hopefully the apex will makes that possible. The current available implant for payment will works for 1 year AFAIK

That would be a conversation to have with the security administrators at your work. If they implement that (for everyone) then you could scan in while others would have to enter a one time code from a device (yubikey, authy app, google authenticator, mooltipass,…). It would be more secure than changing the uid every 60 days.

Of course. That came in my mind recently. If I can scan my implant as access media instead of the password which have to be changed all 60 days that will be more secure. It’s an implant right :wink:

Then a apex with a blink light would be awesome :wink:

apex mega


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Awesome. With same capabilities?

yep, and 4 LEDs… it will be a round design like the flexMT etc however we are aiming for a compact design with a max diameter of only 25mm total… much more manageable.

I will post more details and info to the DT Club (yes I am pushing this pretty hard at the moment)