NFC nano USB adapter/reader for laptop

Hello everyone ,

I am looking for a mini USB adapter for the laptop.
I mean a nano USB that you can just leave if you put your laptop away.
Who knows where to get that?
I find all kinds of models in it except NFC.

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Wave nano ID,

There are nearly a dozen variants, so be extra careful when you order and they are fairly expensive

I have documented my playing around with one successfully, and buying the wrong model once also

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Hello everyone, It took a long time but here it is, the RFIDeas RDR-6E21AKU. I use it to unlock my laptop :slight_smile: I have make some video of it.
I use my FlexMT for unlock my laptop.


Check this out…
It looks smaller,

They say smallest in the world

Check out this thread.

Eriequiet has one and he seems pretty impressed by its performances. Although he got the wrong standard reader if memory serves, and also the manufacturer’s P/N scheme to find out exactly what you want is cryptic at best.


Narrower but higher, I chose it in such a way that it fits completely in the laptop pocket and because scanning with the other one would be more difficult for me with my left hand :slight_smile:

They got me confused… look how many reader options

I know that :slight_smile:
I have specially searched behind this, and this model :slight_smile: