NFC reader with Home Assistant

These look sick,

But I’m a bit slow on the uptake, so explain it a bit more like I’m 5 lol

People want HA, I get that…
Does this just connect the 2 boards you pictured above?


yeah this connects 2 boards together, or 3 boards if you use a voltage converter. It also makes it so you can do some extra stuff with lights, and has the documentation is printed on the board. Ultimately it’s just cleaner than cutting and stripping wires together.

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one tiny tweak / suggestion

The QR Code - What if you started a seperate Project thread that is a dedicated “Instructable” style thread, with the tools, Parts, instructions code, images, examples etc, and generated the QR Code for THAT rather than to this thread with all the chatter and decisions an so on?

I can also lock that one down to read only, and you can use this thread for questions


The github for it is going to be put on the official dangerous things github account, so once it’s up there the README is probably enough to be linked to. But a forum post for community support might be nice. All of it was really to test my self. I wasn’t sure a qr code would work but it seems to be awesome. So we can link it to whatever the community sees the most fit.



I made one! Unfortunately the buzzer was too big so it had to stick out of the bottom :sweat_smile:


are you and @Coma going to the same hardstyle meetups? :joy:

That room looks sick :vulcan_salute:

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Maybe :joy: Thank you!

Definitely looks cool! :smile:

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2 done and I have enough parts to build 3 more! Found a way to have each reader run a different script for a single tag :grin:

Example: tag1 is scanned by reader1 and runs script1. tag1 is scanned by reader2 and runs script2


Soooo, do we think these boards are going to happen? Cause I’m definitely building this set up. This is amazing.

volume up :grin:

3 Likes boards are here if you want to make one for your self. Or I have a batch coming that should be here in like a week I could get you one.

So, I’ve built stuff on a peg board but have never made a board or had one made. How does one go about doing that?

That’s siiiick!

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You would download the Gerber zip and upload that to a place like pcbway or jlcpcb (I using jlcpcb) you would then order the pn532 NFC reader and the esp8266 and solder everything to to board where they line up. It’s just spendy to order low volume since shipping from china is like $30 for an order. That’s why I ordered like 10, a low enough volume to test with but also so I don’t have to order more for at least a little bit if they do work. You can see @W-rabbit using 3 of them and I assume people will want more than 1 but I for sure won’t use all 10 of the initial batch.

You be willing to sell me three? I could venmo you or something. I’d be happy to pay shipping and everything.

Sure! Let me get the boards in and tested before you Venmo anything. I’ll let you know when some are ready and validated.

I built 4 and will finish building the other 2 soon. Might end up building more depending on the amount of automation I setup :sweat_smile:

I prefer to use OSH Park, they are based in the US however, at $5 USD per square inch per set of three boards, it gets expensive. But IIRC, their shipping costs are lower.

There’s also PCB Pool and they are based in Germany. I’ve never used them but I think their services could be useful for the european members of the forum.