NFC Tag Migration

So I recently got a xNTi tag in my left hand but it has migrated a bit and now it is pretty close to that index finger bone. The tag was put in closer to that point than I would have preferred but I likely didn’t help things as the day after getting it, I had to help with some heavy lifting. I only noticed this morning where the tag has ended up as the swelling around the tag had gone down.

What I’m wondering is how much of an issue is the tag’s new location? The best I could find looking into this was the warning listed here in the faq. I get that it likely isn’t a great thing so I feel like I can either leave it in and be cautious or look into removing the tag and get another later on. Some advice from someone who knows more about the medical side of this stuff that I do would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Hi WrennLyn,

Can you post a photo? Take a sharpie or good pen and mark 2 things;

  1. mark the tag location… draw a line directly overtop the tag

  2. mark your index metacarpal bone… draw a line directly overtop the bone

Post a photo with those markings and I can give my opinion as to whether it should come out or not. Basically, the rule is, if it’s at least 3mm away from bone, you’re fine. If it crosses over bone or is extremely close, it should probably come out, wait for the location to heal (60 days) and be autoclaved and re-installed using a 10g piercing needle and taper.

Darn, somehow I knew that was going to be the answer. I don’t have time to post a photo right now although I could later if need be. Basically though, I’d say with my hand relaxed in the air, its about 1-2mm away with one end slightly closer than that as it is on a slight diagonal. Flat on a table, its about 5mm but that first measurement seems to be more important. To me, that sounds like I should definitely get it removed and try again later. Better safe than sorry later on. Thanks for the information and I’ll be sure to take it easy next time so this doesn’t happen again.

No problem. If it helps, I think you’re probably fine with it where it is. Having it put in correctly and then taking it easy also doesn’t 100% guarantee it will not shift a little. Everyone’s body is different and some people it just cannot help but migrate a bit after installation.

That said, safer is better than sorry, so if you feel so inclined, it would be a good idea to remove it and re-install after a good 2-3 week healing period.

Ah, ok. I already went ahead with the play it safe option so I’ll let the area heal and try again. I’m sure it would help too that I get it put in a bit further away from the bone where it should have been in the first place so it wont be an issue if it shifts a bit. Thanks again for the advice.

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