North houston help?

Looking for help with the installation of a NExT, and Spark 2. along the I45 corridor north of Houston.

Have you checked the maps? I am on mobile so I can’t really link it. But there is a community biohacking map with real installers who can charge, and enthusiasts who may help if you ask them.

if its the partner map, yes i have, crux in houston closed, last i heard Julio was guest artisting at a frends studio, but he cant work with my schedule. is there another map?

Internet down. On stupid phone.

Ian Bell in Killeen TX.

Pineapple and a couple others in Dallas TX. (I think, stupid phone.)

When I was looking I had to drive past where you are now cause I couldn’t find anyone closer.

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If Julio isn’t going to work, your closest bet is going to be Austin. Pineapple did my flex install, and was absolutely wonderful - can’t recommend him enough.

If I had experience doing installs, I’d offer help. I’m in west Houston.

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I feel like it might be ill-advised to drive for 3hours after having them put in. but its starting to look like I need to go see Mr.pineapple.

How many local shops are around you? How many did you reach out too

I wish you called your thread

Houston we have a problem!


too many collisions Houston, I have a problem (SOLVED)


four, the only piercer in Conroe didn’t even what to discuss it, the one in Huntsville was into the idea but was not interested in doing it citing inexperience, the aforementioned crux, the last one only did ears.