Not sure where else to say this but Michelle S. provided the best customer service I've ever had in my entire life

I had 2 separate orders and she got them combined into one package, got that package out the door in the blink of an eye. USPS got some things messed up and my package went AWOL. She quickly got another package together and out the door. Every question and issue she resolved with great care and kindness. I asked where I could give her an official compliment to hopefully help her out and she insisted that it was not worry and that customer service is their life. I absolutely have to agree but I know it’s not easy. I just really want to make it known how amazing she has made this process for me. Thanks!


My experience with Michelle and DT overall has been absolutely amazing. Always happy to go above and beyond. They’re bloody amazing :metal:

This also extends to the forums! So glad to be a part of this community. I have learned so much in such a small amount of time.


I completely agree. I’m still a little new here but if there was like a off topic section of the forum that would be great. I feel like a lot of us are like-minded people and I’d love to pick at everyone’s brains. And thankfully everyone here is just pleasant. Quiet the difference from my every day life
Have at it buddy, random what ever the fuck you want thread

also the Lounge section you can ask , whatever you want

Well you are always welcome here


Oh I was under the assumption that the lounge was for people who were higher up in the forums, thanks for the links you are also very helpful:) hopefully I can return the favor one day

Edit: had to take a look at what trust levels are seems like it would take a while to get to level 3. Not even sure how to check. I need to take one of my days off to devote to figuring this forum out lol. Just when I think i got it there’s something new around the corner

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The lounge was level locked, but Amal recently opened it up…

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Discobot will help you out a lot tutorial

Should only be ?? 30mins??

Then the advanced ??15mins??

@discobot start advanced tutorial

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Amazing, I’ve got a lot of stuff from all kinds of tech companies and it’s extremely nice and I feel better by actually having a real one on one conversation with someone. Michelle is amazing. She sent me a email about my NExT implant order etc. Got everything taken care of. And didn’t take multiple days to figure everything out.


I just realized @mdanger handle wasn’t mentioned in this thread, Hopefully THAT gets her attention.
I’m sure @amal will let her know anyway…


Just want say how thankful I am that Michelle and Amal are so great. Best experience I have ever had with any company in my 50 years.


I just had an ordering boo-boo, that I hadn’t noticed. Michelle got in touch with me, and the whole thing was super well handled.

Was actually going to start a thread suggesting she get employee of the month.
Or at least first choice of the donuts.

Either way, superb service.

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Same here. Last time I ordered, I didn’t pay attention and I ordered two items twice. Michelle got in contact with me rightaway to double-check that I really did want the same items twice. Thanks to her, I saved money (and DT lost some :slight_smile:)

Most companies would just blindly fulfill the order. That’s customer service right there.

I feel like when the owner of the company is as active on the forums as Amal is that’s got to be a good sign about a company. I’m really glad I found DT for my implants instead of finding somewhere else. Haven’t had to deal with customer service yet but I’m not surprised it’s awesome. Although in my research I’ve found that some people think the scar from the implant is the mark of the beast so Amal needs to have a silver :tongue: :rofl:

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I’ve seen Amal’s skills of persuasion in action. It’s impressive. He’s definitely a qualified representative of cyborgs everywhere.


Aww thanks guys! We really really try hard to support you all, because you’re supporting us! We literally couldn’t possibly keep exploring this technology without our customers… we want dealing with us to be a win-win for everyone!


You know @Amal, there are good companies you trust, and then there are a few, very few companies you’d give your money to sight unseen because they’re just exceptional.

I know a couple of the latter. One of them is this bike manufacturer: they offer a real lifetime warranty (i.e. they sell you a bike and they fix it for free if the fault is theirs, forever. And even often when the fault is not theirs too…) They go out of their way to accommodate your every needs. They even provide lodging if you come from far to fetch your bike and you have nowhere to crash. I literally dropped 12,500 euros on a sketch of their latest model, 2 years before it was even a prototype. That’s how much I trust them.

DT is right up there with the good companies. I haven’t had enough dealings with you to trust you the way I trust my bike manufacturer - which I’ve known for 15-odd years and given a sizeable portion of my life savings to - but from what I can tell so far, DT has the potential to join my short list.


Oh man… honestly I would probably feel the same about a bike company based in the Netherlands (my people!) … but yes, I know what you mean. Here’s to the personal goal of being held as highly as Velomobiel!


Thank you so very much for the extraordinary compliment. It is truly my pleasure and honor, seriously.

I absolutely love working with you guys. You are all wonderful, brilliant, and think outside the box.

You all make it easy and worth it :slight_smile:

Thank you all for being luminaries in the forum as well.



Woohoo @mdanger is the shit. And for all the people that know and understand “female” hardships in the IT community. I praise DT and @mdanger for doing it right! @amal you need to get @mdanger up at a con to talk about being a female IT employee in the implant world! Hip Hip Hooray :raised_hands: for Michelle!


All these posts make me wish to have an order issue with DT so I can interact with @mdanger :sweat_smile: